Thursday, July 30, 2009

What causes Sorrow?

Each one of us, on various occasions, would have felt unhappy. It is not a pleasant feeling and we all wish to be happy instead. Yet, unhappiness makes its presence felt time and again. Someone once remarked that happiness is the interval between two sorrows. Is this really so? What causes unhappiness? If only we knew the real reason for sorrow, won't we make efforts to fix it?

Some people say that sorrow is caused by other people. When other people do or say things which hurt us, we feel sad. If only other people are more considerate, our sorrows would be lesser. Some say that distress is caused by some events. It could be death or accident or some other event which causes pain to us. Therefore. sorrow is accidental. Astrologers claim that distress is essentially caused by planetary influences in our lives. They say all things are pre-ordained and we are all bound to have alternating periods of joy and sorrow...

Wise seers of yore have gone deeper into this question and through contemplation and meditation have concluded and declared that sorrow is only a state of our minds. When the mind is disturbed by things not happening as per expectations, it gets hurt and upset. This becomes the root cause of all sorrow. The trick therefore is to look inward. There is no point searching for external reasons.

The cause of all joy and distress is our mind. If we can keep our mind & desires in control, it will become a mere observer of things. As an observer, the mind has no direct involvement and hence does not worry about the events. Then, we feel tranquil and have a smooth life. Just as a drop of water on a lotus leaf does not mingle with it, sorrow does not affect us.

You cannot prevent the birds of sadness flying over your head but you can prevent them from nesting in your hair – Swedish saying

"The deeper that sorrow carves into your being, the more joy you can contain" - Kahlil Gibran


Anonymous said...

A truly nice post...
Any sorrow or unhappiness that we face in life depends on the person or persons to whom we are attached to and also to the various events that take place in our lives..All sorrows are bearable,it is only time which is the true healer..

We must learn to sing away the sorrows in our life and the song that i can think of right now is..Don't worry Be Happy..


lakshmi said...

I feel we are the reasons for our own sorrow.
nice post

Vijay V said...

Beautifully Said.
"Joy" or "Sorrow" both are a state of mind.
Here I would like to remember my master writer Paulo Coelho words: "Sorrows do not lost forever when we are journeying towards the things we have always wanted".


Avin said...

Sorrow adds value to joy. So lets cry out just like we celebrate when joy is around.Just like the day and night a even mind should be able to take both joy and sorrow to the same degree.

shri ramesh sadasivam said...

An important post again!

We need to contemplate on why we are sad. We'll find it is our mind that makes us both sad and happy.

Happiness is our birth right. We must learn to be happy!

Thanks for sharing.


One great book that deals with emotions (among other things) is The Power of Now. It is a MUST read.

All emotions (happy or sad) are all temporary ..... "This too shall pass" is a good way to summarize the ups and downs of life. One way of looking at sorrow, difficulties, challenges, etc is that they are great teachers.

Great post sir

Anonymous said...

Very well written. Everything is in mind (bundle of thoughts). Win the mind, win the world.

Rejin said...

Win the Mind and win the world is the final stage of life.. only rare people achieved that stage. But we are not trying to find the smiling faces in our world, we are always busy with our meaningless life. When we are trying to understand the path of already enlightened people then we will get the answer - "MEANING OF OUR LIFE".
If there is no sorrow in this life nobody can't understand the meaning of Life and they will just finish this life same as previous.