Monday, May 28, 2012

Create happy memories

When you think back of your childhood, what kind of memories come back? Do you remember joyful moments spent in the company of loved ones? Do memories of happy days spent in carefree laughter and silly games flash past your eyes? Do you remember your childhood as one great picnic? Or do you remember angry, sad, painful times spent agonising and hurting?

Every moment of our lives, we are creating memories. It is up to us to make them happy. Not just for ourselves, but for people around us. We owe it ourselves to be happy. We cannot let momentary issues make us forget the larger purpose of our lives - which is to be happy.

Our positive mindset can make everything positive. Summers can be fun days to let our hair down and enjoy. The rainy days can be fun too in a very different way. Winters can be the time to marvel in the beauty of nature and the change of seasons. Each day can be a day to look forward to with relish and anticipation.

When we live such lives, we end up creating happy memories. It is something like an album of our lives in which every picture showcases the smiles, the glee and the joy. When our present is so wonderful and so is our past, can the future be any less exciting?

Create happy memories !!

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Wise or Foolish?

Prosperity, good luck, success etc. are all considered as moments of joy. The natural reaction of one who is blessed with such moments is to smile and glow with happiness. After all, it is a great feeling to be successful or to have achieved something. Each of us crave for such situations.

Similarly, adversity, misfortune, failure etc. are moments tinged with sorrow. One does feel the pain and anguish at such moments. The heart seems heavy with the burden of the moment. Such moments hardly ever makes one smile. Given a choice, we would rather not have such moments in our lives.

If we were to reflect on such moments, it would dawn upon us that these are but fleeting moments in the vast expanse of time. Such moments do not last. As someone wisely said, “This too shall pass”. It would be stupid of us to expect success or failure to be lasting. Nothing is permanent in this world. All good and bad moments must come to an end. The cycle of joy & sorrow, good & bad, success & failure is going on all the time.

If we realise this eternal truth and remember this at all times, would we get carried away by the occasion? Would we not become more balanced and have a sense of equanimity?

The one who smiles in prosperity is foolish and the one who smiles in adversity is wise – Vishwanath Seshadri