Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Hear, See & Speak No Evil

Our mind is unique. It is very adaptable and impressionable. It has a tendency to make us think in lines with whatever it is exposed to. So, for example, if the mind is exposed to people with musical talents, the mind tempts us also to try our hands at music. If we live amongst sports persons, we tend to venture into sports ourselves. Our minds easily get influenced by what it observes.

How do we use this understanding to impact us positively? We need to make sure that our minds get exposed to only positive stories and thoughts. We should take care to prevent any single evil thought or notion from appearing before our minds. We should remember that "evil" is an integral part of the "devil"

In today's context of a world where values are continuously deteriorating; this is easier said than done. All around us we see and hear mainly negative stories. People also find it attractive and interesting. Simply put, evil sells. No wonder then, we find positive news tucked away in the inner pages (or not at all) of leading newspapers and magazines. All the front pages are splashed with violence and such stories.

Like the famous three wise monkeys, we can also make a choice of not seeing, hearing or speaking of evil things. We can consciously avoid them. Even in evil things, we can focus on the positive aspects (if any). Our tongues desist from accepting any tasteless article and our nose refuses to breath in the presence of bad odour. Similarly, with our intelligence we should train our other sense organs from avoiding all evils. By doing this, regularly and steadfastly, we can make our minds "think" good thoughts. When we are thus filled with good thoughts, it gets reflected in our character and in our environment.

Lets work within ourselves to create an evil-free world.


Avin said...

A nice post to share a nice thought. Be positive stay positive. Whatever you have put in the post i have seen it working for me in the past and hopefully it will be so in the coming days.It takes a lot to stay positive as even on the slightest opportunity negativity creeps into our mind as if it was waiting right on the fringe.
Your blog is something everyone should follow :)

Anonymous said...

We must consciously take efforts to nurture our minds with good thoughts,good words & good deeds &
try and make it a way of life.
We must focus our thoughts in the direction we want to go.

Be positive for negative thinking definately attracts negative results..


Dithi said...

Staying positive and surrounding ourselves with positive energy has such strength! It helps us move in the right direction and attracts more positivity in turn! Not always easy but surely the wise and right thing to do. We must put in a conscious effort (if required) to make sure that we are not caught in the web of negativity. Thank you for the necessary reminder, Vish!

dee said...
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Dithi said...

Exactly, we have to first train ourselves to be discerning, to recognize the negativity and then, carefully stay away from it and also keep it outside of ourselves. That was a useful addition to this post Vish :)

(Sorry I deleted my last comment as I had posted spontaneously after re-readingthis post, without realizing that it was not from my blog-linked email id)

manivannan said...

Very inspiring article Vish! What we hear, see and speak defines our character. Thanks a lot for your lovely reminder :-)

Have a nice time!

Avin said...

Now after reading your blog i think we can have couple of monkeys to already three. One is for "smell no evil" and other one for "taste no evil".But i am in a fix when i think how the monkeys will express it :)

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