Saturday, July 4, 2009

Practice & Preach Values !!

One of the questions that bothers me is why should I write about values. Is it not known to everyone ? What is so new about what I write that people should sit up and take notice ? Is there any benefit at all in this exercise or is it a waste of time ?

On deeper thinking, I feel there is a great value in this. In today's world, all around us we see people knowing things "intellectually" but behaving in a different manner depending on what suits them. Theoretically, everyone is good and would score cent per cent if subjected to an examination on "Values". Practically, however, the story could be quite different (Yes, me included).

So, as we see around us a constant increase in evil and steady deterioration of values, what is the best solution ? Do we join the crowd and practice "When in Rome do as Romans do" ? Or do we choose to be different ?

I believe, as Mahatma Gandhiji once said, we should be the change that we seek to see in the world. We should live a disciplined life full of values. Our lives should be a shining example for others to follow. And when we do communicate, we should communicate and reiterate the core values that drive us. The only contribution we can do to make this world better is to live and teach a life of values.

A truly successful life is one which is value driven - Vishwanath Seshadri


KParthasarathi said...

There is no doubt that you are doing a laudable job.You spread the values amongst your immediate circle starting from your own family,friends,colleagues and blog visitors.It has multiplier effect gathering the values to a larger domain.Leading by personal example is the best teacher.I am proud of your admirable work.Keep it up

lakshmi said...

Why to write about values......nice question.
Even though people are aware of it they seem to be sleeping. They need to be brought out of their reverie.

A truly successful life is one which is value driven - Vishwanath Seshadri
very aptly said Vish.

Yours is really a valuable blog...inspiring, thought provoking and is sending the msg directly.

good day

Avin said...

I completely agree with my previous commentators.
In this world where people start running the moment they wake up they hardly find time to think about values though they know what it is. Knowing it is something and familiarizing is another. You fill the void in the later part with your posts.

Rhapsody B. said...
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Rhapsody B. said...


Values when written/spoken must be defined as there are many value systems with varying complexities that can be subjective as well as relative depending on the philosophies, cultures, ethnicities and traditions. One cannot and must not assume that there is a simpatico agreement of values system across board.

Of course it is often easier to speak (preach) of particular values, specifically those that pertain to humanity and spirituality that encourages love, forgiveness, compassion, acceptance, tolerance, equal designation of human worthiness and benevolence however this is difficult to put into practice when "We" live in a world that categorically slaps hierarchical labels designating worth, on human beings along racial and ethnic lines, dividing further by color, creed, class and gender while simultaneously building systems that support and perpetuate those false notions of superior and inferior.

That being said, while we may not be able to change the whole world "we" the collective individuals can do our part in our tiny circumference of the world by taking personal responsibility and accountability for how we speak, act, and interact as well as the part we play in how we treat, categorize, criticize and value those we intermingle with on a daily basis speaking up and not participating in derogatory conversations disguised as jokes, groups that is intent on demonizing others. That in part is how I believe “we” can begin to be the difference we want in the world. “We” need to stop paying so much lip service to the “Ideal” and walk the talk instead of simply talking the talk. It is all too apparent that many prefer the Machiavelian way of doing and being.

That’s my 2 cents worth. Thank you for allowing the opportunity for me to sound off, have a great day.

Vishwanath Seshadri said...

Thanks for all the friends who have visited my blog as well as to those who took the trouble to write a comment.

I would like to a make a special mention of my friend Raphsody who has written a such a detailed and sound response. I agree with her that values must be defined and "we" must practice values. I only would like to add that "me" comes before "we" :)

I would also like to bring out a differentiation here between values and practices. Between different cultures, continents etc., practices may differ. However, core values, as pointed out by Raphsody, do not change. We must not mistake local practices and treat them as acceptable even if they contradict core values.

One of the purposes of this blog is to have a discussion on values and arrive at a common understanding. If there are differences in views, they could be discussed, debated etc. If left to human beliefs and judgements, we may try finding an easy way out. However, values cannot be dismissed for convenience because every action has a consequence.

If, for example, we ill-treat an insect / small animal thinking it cannot retaliate and we are stronger, we will soon find out the consequences of doing so.

The colossal damage to the world economy today has been caused by people who have taken liberties to tinker with values for personal gain. We have much to learn and unlearn from these developments. History is a great teacher but unfortunately not many want to learn and some want to find "loop holes" under the garb of complexities..