Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Honour thy Commitment !!

Sometimes we make promises to people with whom we interact. It could be something as trivial as to meet up at a particular time or to give / fetch something. At times, it could be a serious promise like giving up a vice or doing something critical. When we make such a promise or commitment, it is our duty to adhere to it without fail.

It is often better not to make promises rather than make one and break it. At the same time, completely avoiding giving promises shows us in poor light. When we make a promise and break it, we lose our image. People start discounting our words and us. They don't take us seriously and hesitate to give us tasks of importance. We thus live a life with fewer responsibilities and challenges which could give us growth and exploit our full potential.

Making commitments is serious business. Only the really strong willed people undertake to make serious commitments. For such people, it is a matter of personal honour to honour their commitments. Even at great cost and personal inconvenience, they would strive to meet their promise.

If you wish to be counted amongst the select band of dependable people, make sure that you religiously and diligently honour all your commitments, however small they may seem to be. Make big commitments and honour them. It will win you respect and admiration of people who know you and enhance your brand value.

There can be no happiness if your daily commitments are misaligned with your deepest convictions. - Robin Sharma

Real heroes are men who fall and fail and are flawed, but win out in the end because they've stayed true to their ideals and beliefs and commitments - Kevin Costner


Dithi said...

Greetings Vish!

Your blog posts are nice and important reminders to the core values that make like meaningful!



Avin said...

:) I couldnt stop smiling seeing the picture in this post. "A promise is a promise" and it rang a bell in my head. Its the subject of the mail i sent you. I am glad that you thought about writing something on that front :)
Keep your good work going

lakshmi said...

Hi Vish
it is best to give a word only when we are sure we can keep up to it. But there are times when the situations around us turns against us.......we must be ready to face that too.....

and as regards commitment to meeting someone at a particular time.........i wouldn't say it is trivial...because that person's time is important to him as much as mine is important to me......right???????

good day

Sneha said...

Great to read as always.:)