Tuesday, July 7, 2009

High Energy & Enthusiasm (HEE)

One of the most important aspects in successful individuals is the presence of a high level of energy and enthusiasm. Such people are always buzzing with excitement and ensure that those around them are also suitably pepped up. Even in dull situations, these people come up with ideas that helps release the boredom.

When a person is showing high energy, we naturally get attracted to her. Subconsciously, perhaps, we feel that we might also become energetic due to the contact. Such people seem to be capable of doing many things and become natural choice for being included in any team or in being delegated tasks. Their "Never say Tire" attitude seems to give them more time and band width to accomplish things.

High energy when coupled with high enthusiasm forms a formidable combination. Enthusiastic people have this positive mindset which is infectious. They are happy to accept tasks and do not shirk responsibilities. They are first off the block in any race. They jump at opportunities and see obstacles as a sport. Change management becomes easy with such people around. It goes without saying that this combination can also be disastrous if not controlled or managed well.

Every team and organisation needs people with HEE. An intellectually strong person can become more successful if the HEE element is also present. Without HEE, things will move at a slow pace and may many times lose momentum. I strongly believe and suggest that we need to take stock, from time to time, on the level of HEE in any team and work towards keeping it sufficiently high.

"Knowledge is power, but enthusiasm pulls the switch" - Ivern Ball

"Confidence and enthusiasm are the greatest sales producers in any kind of economy."
- O. B. Smith

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Avin said...

First to comment with HEE ;)
Your post charged me up. Channelised HEE i believe gives a higher mileage which i believe comes with age and experience.
Nice post :)
Keep adding values