Saturday, July 18, 2009

Stay fit

These days' people are becoming conscious of the need for physical fitness and are striving through exercise regimens like walking, gymming & swimming, diet control, yoga etc. to become physically fit. Much has been said and written already on this. For those, who are yet to move in this direction, the message is very clear - take care of your body, it is only one you have and ignoring it can be painful and fatal. Stop giving over attention to fiscal health.

We need to be conscious also of the need for mental fitness. By working on this area, we can be seen as mature and balanced people. Constant exposure through various media to good thoughts, adequate exercising of the mental muscles supported by good rest, meditation etc. are the techniques through which this can be attained. Without a certain level of mental fitness, we are likely to be dismissed or ignored by those around us.

Besides the above, it would be useful to introduce the concept of spiritual fitness. Being spiritual is more than being religious. Religious people sometimes get so attached to their respective religions and Gods that they begin to hate other religions or Gods. When one is spiritual, she sees herself in every one and her God in every God. Unity in Diversity is the vision seen. Love becomes the way of life.

If we focus on all the three forms of fitness, we will have happy lives. We will move towards achieving our real purpose in life. Success, in every sense of the word, will be ours.. We can then claim that we know the "Art of Living".

He who has health has hope; and he who has hope has everything - Arabian Proverb

“If you don’t make time for exercise, you’ll probably have to make time for illness” - Robin Sharma

"Step into a new you each day. Reach out to greater health, happiness, fitness, friendship, love and greater pride in yourself" - Mark Victor Hansen


Subash said...

after spending nearly an hour clearing mail/updating linkedin/posting a blog... I am now going for a walk :)

Vijay V said...

Rightly Said Sir.
Spiritual fitness is in need of this hour. When we talk about spirituality, many of us got used to associate with religion. But it is nothing to do with religion. It is understanding ourself. Our inner self. Realising the child within us. Its nothing but undetstanding the hormany between the body and the nature. It can only be acheived by just paying attention to our life. Then we realise this LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL. This is what i am learning in my life..
Beautiful message. Thanks for Sharing...


Anonymous said...

Health is not of the body alone but of the mind and spirit as well.
Hear your heart..Heart your health.

A very inspirational blog..


Avin said...

My sprained shoulders has kept me away from the gym for sometime now. But then it has not stopped me from going to the temple :)Hope to get back to old ways soon. Your post prompted me to get back to the gym soon :)