Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Create your heaven

I once read a story of a gas station attendant who liked to talk to his customers. One day a car drove up and he asked the driver how was the drive up till now. The driver began complaining about the villages that he has passed on his way. The villagers were unfriendly and unhelpful he said. They were also rude and nasty he claimed. Later another car came up and this driver spoke about how wonderful, pleasant and nice the people have been on the way. They were generous and caring, he said.

Both drivers had driven in the same route and had very different experiences. In a way, it reflected their own outlooks towards life and their own behaviours towards others. It is often seen that the world throws back at us what we give it. If we are pleasant and nice, so will everyone be. If we are cold, rude or nasty, that is what we will see in others. Others are a mere reflection of ourselves.

We have the great ability to create a wonderful heaven around us. All it needs is for us to be what we want to see.  We can smile and spread cheer around. We can laugh and dispel gloom away. We can be generous & caring and spread happiness around us. We can be trusting & positive, honest & fair. We can be soft, gentle and loving. And with this we can create a magical insulated positive happy world wherever we go, wherever we are.

What are you waiting for? Start now!!