Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Just Be Nice

"Be nice to everyone you come across; you never know whose help or support you will need tomorrow"

We interact with numerous people in our daily lives. With people who matter or who are important or powerful, we are naturally polite and courteous. The true revelation of our inner character is our behaviour with people who do not matter. Are we nice to them too? Or do we disregard them and their self-respect when we speak or interact with them?

It takes very little effort to be nice to everyone around us. Even if have to convey our displeasure over something that the other person has done, we can do it in a nice manner. Let us not worry that we will be ineffective if we are humble or gentle. Rather, people will respond to us better if our behaviour conveys respect to them.

When we are nice to people, we are nice to ourselves too. It has positive spin off effect on our health too. Our faces have fewer wrinkles and begin to glow. We create an aura of attractiveness around us when we are pleasant and nice. We win more friends and well wishers. And who knows when one of these people will come to our support when we need it most?

Come on and show to the world your gentle side. Let people around you bask in the warmth of your company. Just be nice - always!!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Fare well

Over the years, I have met people of different kinds – some happy, some sad, some angry, some irritable, some negative, some positive, some hopeful, some desperate etc. I am sure you, the reader, have also encountered all kinds of people in your lives. I have also had different kinds of experiences – some joyful, some dreadful, some fearful, some worrying, some frustrating etc. just as many of you would have.

I wonder why we go through such encounters and experiences. Is it just a part of life or does it have any meaning? When I reflect upon this question and also my own actions / reactions to different folks and situations, I realise that these are indeed presented to me for a purpose. I believe each situation is an opportunity to learn about ourselves and to improve as individuals.

In fact, I strongly feel that our life here on earth is one big test posed on us by God. People who do well in the test get positive results and others get an opportunity to face the test again. The good thing about the test is that we keep getting a chance to re-appear and there are no failures. We keep getting exposed to various challenging situations until we learn how to deal with it. Life itself is the teacher and is also the test.

As long as we have negative traits / thoughts / view points within us, we will react to situations incorrectly and be faced with unwelcome consequences. As long as we are positive oriented, we will experience pleasant situations and be filled with peace and bliss. The sooner we learn and practice this, the sooner we will reach our final destinations.

Fare well!!