Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Plant a Tree Today !!

It is the month of July. Monsoon was weak in June and now we are seeing sporadic heavy rains this month. Several thoughts come to mind. Has the commencement of monsoon shifted from June to July ? Are we going to get normal rainfall this year or is the global warming going to affect us ? What can we do to ensure healthy rainfall year on year ? When it is raining, should we relax indoors in a cosy environment with a hot drink ? Or should we make use of this opportunity to do something useful ?

I feel, this is a good time to plant trees. Instead of letting nature takes its own course, we should help nature by proactively improving the green cover. We consume, in our lifetimes, a fair amount of trees in various forms - whether it is in the form of furniture or paper we use. Trees form a vital part of of everyday lives. Yet, how many of us can stand up and proudly proclaim that "I have planted and grown X number of trees" ? Most of us are net consumers of trees. We are slowly but steadily eroding mother nature of its glory.

I have read of a woman named Wangari in Kenya who has single-handedly planted and nurtured thousands of trees over many years. Her love for trees and her dedication to this task despite occassional stiff opposition is highly impressive. She started a movement called the Green Belt Movement which has caught the attention of many more people like her across that nation.

If not thousands like her, can we make a start by planting one single tree ? Trees have long lifespans. They seek nothing from us except care in the initial few months or so. After that, they are only selflessly and silently working for us. They give us shade in hot weather, they house so many birds and insects etc., they give us fruits and most importantly they help us reduce global warming.

The other day, I saw a group of volunteers (young school and college going kids) from "Art of Living" society planting several trees. They were not participating in any competition. They were not in it for any recognition. They simply cared for the environment and wanted to do their bit. I was hugely motivated by this and did my bit by applauding them and by planting a few trees myself.

Hope I have seeded a thought in your minds too....


SUBS said...

Till yesterday, we were worried if Mumbai will join other cities facing water-shortage. Today, 'Rains Paralysed Mumbai' (ToI). We are indeed seeing the impact of global warming, with unfailing regularity!
GO Green is no longer a choice, but a necessity. Each one of us should be part of a world-wide movement to GO Green... Planting trees would be a good beginning.

Anonymous said...

I remember a group of young college boys conducting a street play on the importance of trees in our lives.With this they also encouragesd people to plant trees.. and we were part of this drive.I thought this was one of the best ways to create an awareness among the people..


Vijay V said...

Nice message at the right time. Everyone of us need to know the importance of preserving nature and do something for the same. One such thing is planting a tree.

I got a chance to plant a couple of tree in my native place during my teen age (I believe I am 15 or 16 years old that time, I am not sure). After some years I have been moved out of native place to pursue my studies and then job etc. Even today, if I get a chance to go to my native, I take the privilege of sheltering under the grown up tree which I planted. It gives me some sort of happiness and when I am sitting under the tree it make me to think about the good old memories of my childhood and how much little effort I took to plant this tree which is standing huge in front of me and giving me and others shelter. There are no words to express this feeling.

I remember an article from the Magazine of ISHA FOUNDATION which I read a couple of months back about an old man who is staying in a village near Erode District. He is a Shepherd. He is 60 years old. He planted almost 15000 trees in and around his village in these 25 years. In that almost 10000 trees grown up well and now he made his village as a green valley. When someone asked him what made him to do this. He told, some 25 years back when he is roaming with his sheep’s in the village along with his radio, he is supposed to listen to a radio presentation about the natural calamities and the importance of planting trees in preserving the nature. From that day, he started planting trees wherever he go(in and around his village) while doing his Shepherd job. Now he is feeling pride in seeing the grown up trees. He told that , for him, each and every tree is like his own child where he is getting his happiness in taking care of them.

Your blog made me to think about this great person who inspired me to leave a mark in this world before I leave..

Thanks for this gentle remainder message.


Avin said...

I was thinking about turning some vacant space near my home into a garden and your post has become a strong reason to do so. This will encourage lot of people who follows your blog like me.

manivannan said...

Hats off to your wonderful post. This indeed is the need of the hour...we have to act in our possible ways to save nature...Go green is no more a choice.

Also your post made me regret for not having planted any trees...will surely plant a tree ASAP.

You have sowed a strong seed in me :-)

Thanks a lot for inspiring everyone.

#Vijay V

Thank you friend for sharing a very inspiring story. Yes, Isha Yoga is doing a great job in tamil nadu.

shri ramesh sadasivam said...

Planting trees is much more important than opening new firms and factories. Industrial development is Good. But not at the cost of Vegetation on earth. I hope our rulers understand this.

shri ramesh sadasivam said...

I appreciate your motive of dedicating a post to this cause.

Avin said...

I did my bit this weekend by planting some shrubs.Clearing the space needs some time which i am planning to do in a long break that i ll be getting next month :)
Though of sharing it with you