Sunday, June 28, 2009

Speak Well of Others !!

When we think about others, what kind of thoughts comes to us ? Do we remember their good aspects or do we remember their faults ? Are we reminded of the times when they have been kind, helpful and nice or do our minds dwell on the times when they have erred, sinned or been cruel. It is important for us to watch what we think for these become our nature.

When we think good things about others, we feel good and release positive thoughts about them. We also tend to speak good about them when we get the opportunity. We gloss over their positive points and choose to ignore blemishes, if any. By doing this, we are not being imbalanced or unfair. We are consciously choosing to focus on the strengths of the individual because this is what we want that individual to develop and become known for.

What happens when we thus harbour positive feelings and thoughts about others ? When we speak positive about them in their presence as well as in absence ? Firstly, we end up encouraging and motivating the person and make her feel good about herself. Secondly, she gets positive vibes about us and responds likewise. Together we end up creating a positive spiral for each other.

Whatever we speak behind peoples back is especially important. Sometimes people tend to spite others behind their back thinking that it does not matter and the other person will not know. Invariably, however, the message tends to reach the individual. And this sets into motion a negative spiral for the relationship.

So, Always speak well of Others...

When one speaks about the sins of others, he gets an equal share of the sin committed - Hindu Scriptures


SRK said...

Rightly said but so difficult to implement. We tend to think of ourselves as "perfect" and feel entitled to comment on others "defects"...........

Anonymous said...

certainly what you say is right but why is it that generally it is the BAD about ppl that we think & talk first than developing a positive spiral ... what are your thought on this ?

Vishwanath Seshadri said...

Dear Anonymous,

I think your question has been asnswered by SRK. We tend to have a superiority complex about ourselves and overlook our own errors and mistakes.

Also, we "feel" more superior when we make negative comments on others.

We do not think about the consequences / implications of our actions.

This blog is intended to focus on the consequences of our actions...

Hope this clarifies.


PS: Looking forward to knowing your identity :)

Sneha said...

I have read some where about "The Law of Attraction" that if you are positive You will attract+ve energies and if your views are negative you will be attracting all kind of negative energies.Which makes your as well as people around you miserable.:)

A very nice post Indeed.:)

have a nice day.:)

lakshmi said...

RIghtly it is said that the positive thoughts from us attracts positive and good thoughts only.

Motivating and encouraging is the best way to make others keep a step forward in the right direction and further towards best progress.

Nice one Vish

Avin said...

Good to see a post like this. I had a post that deals with the same subject.I felt this post to be the answers for the unasked questions of my post :)