Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Attitude decides Altitude !!

We see all kinds of people in our daily lives - some living very successful and happy lives while some struggling with a mediocre life. The successful ones seem to be full of energy and enthusiasm and generally always charged up. The other kind of guys we find to be grim, upset, stressed etc. The question that always comes in my mind is whether the attitude is the result of the circumstances or vice versa.

After observing a lot of people very closely I discovered that there are some who have a "never say die" spirit in them. They put up with failures with a brave face and look forward to the future with high expectations. They seem to be the eternal optimists who always have a positive outlook and self confidence. They expect the future to be better and work towards making it happen. They are like the "Bulls" in the stock market always pushing the prices up !!

There are also other types who have a pessimistic outlook. Perhaps, their own experience and background leads them to think this way. They are generally wary of what lurks around the corner, wear a suspicious outlook, are worried about what can and will go wrong etc. They anticipate problems so much that sometimes they go about creating it. Whenever things do go wrong, as they sometimes will, these guys would turn around and say "I told you so".

My own take on this is that, by being positive we are enjoying the present. We neither lament on the failures of the past nor do we get overwhelmed about the possible disasters of the future. We are not reckless but take due precautions where necessary. We charge the environment around us with positive energy. We end up attracting others towards us as well as becoming attractive in the eyes of the others. We attract and gain success by our positive attitude.

Truly, it is our Attitude which decides our Altitude !!

"Weakness of attitude becomes weakness of character" - Albert Einstein


Pravin said...

Hi Vish,

A well known philosophy, very well written.

Particularly in times of economic downtrend, I can see my 'cases' proving this relationship between attitude & values correlating positively. (Cases = Purely out of my intrigue to unravel the mystique of values, I keep track of few people . . . for years together).

Thanks for your valuable inputs, keep writing !



KParthasarathi said...

Truly, it is our Attitude which decides our Altitude Very rightly said .Our life mirrors our attitude.

Anonymous said...

Hi there,

Failure should be a stepping stone and not a tombstone :)

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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vanathi said...

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Anonymous said...

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