Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Control your Consumption !!

As human beings, we are constantly consuming. By consumption, I refer to any act which extinguishes the value of something. So, when we watch TV, we are consuming power. When we go for a drive, we are consuming petrol. When we eat, we are consuming food. etc. etc. Reading a book, for example, is not consumption as the value is not eroded. We need to be conscious of those activities of ours which result in consumption.

Many of us, especially people who are well off, tend to consume more as a habit than to satisfy a real need. We may be in the living room and yet the lights or fan in the bedroom may be switched on. We may not be hungry and yet may cook / serve ourselves a full meal. We do not realise that every excess consumption of ours is negatively impacting our society and our environment in addition to impacting our pocket !! In nature, animals and birds adjust their lifestyle to changes that happen. For e.g. In winter, some birds migrate to warmer countries or some animals go into hibernation. But we humans, remain in harsh climates and consume more to survive !!

One of the surest ways of protecting our environment is by consuming less. When we consume without a real need, we are wasting the resource available. Besides depriving some other person who may have a real need for it, we are also increasing the costs. When we have the savings mindset, we will get more "bang for the buck". I recollect reading a story of a wise man who before replacing his worn mattress confirms that the old one is converted into a duster to swipe the floor. And that the old duster was converted to some other useful item of daily use.

The natural resources of mother nature are limited. Our efforts in conserving it will help us and our future generations. If we live today as if there is no tomorrow, indeed it may come true. Let us resolve that we will consume only what is really needed by us. Let us commit to creating a better tomorrow.

We eat to live and not live to eat – Gautam Buddha


Rhapsody said...


Interesting read. Nowhere more than in the western world you see evidence of this great consumption and waste. One of the reasons for it is that people are trying to use material things, external things to make them happy only to be dissapointed when that the happiness is short-lived and they soon grow bored of the "things" yet seek more "things" in hopes that the happiness would return.

KParthasarathi said...

What do you say of people going to malls to while away the time and buy materials they do not need? You hv highlighted a malady that can be cured only by simple living

Vishwanath Seshadri said...

Dear Rhapsody,

Namaste to you too.. I agree that the more wealthy a person or nation is, the more wasteful it tends to become. They seem to think that the wealth that they have is permanent. And that being wasteful has no consequences !!

Thanks for visiting and commenting..

Vishwanath Seshadri said...

Dear KP Sir,

Completely agree that all kinds of wasteful behaviour has a negative impact. Only people who have had an experience of not having enough, can understand how it feels..

Avin said...

During this time of recession and global warming the subject you have touched upon is the need of the hour. Consumption has to come with conservation.
The story you recounted in between your narration is that of buddha and it is one story that i am following religiously.
A thought that has to be proclaimed world over.Great post.

Bindhu Unny said...

Nice read. In the recession time, there's a lot of talk (and some action) about reducing consumption. But it needs to be practised at all times.

On a lighter note, human beings can't migrate like birds. That will be more costly.

Saurabh said...

I can immediately relate myself to the pic you have selected for the note.

Picture is worth a 1000 words, this statement is so representative of all your selections.

Subs said...

Very true... Re-cycling is not enough. Minimise consumption is indeed the way forward.

Thru genuine 'ceiling on desires'