Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Being Trustworthy

This is a sequel to the earlier blog on trusting others.

It is not enough that we trust others. We must also develop a trait of being trustworthy. Every action of ours has to be viewed in the context of whether it will enhance / retain trust or whether it will erode or destroy trust. We cannot presume that it is our birthright to be trusted. Nor can we take the trust of others for granted. We have to earn it and work hard to retain it. We should consciously put efforts and treat each new relationship as a new opportunity / challenge to create trust.

What happens when trust is diluted? Or when trust is yet not formed? Both parties (it may be individuals, organisations, nations etc.) are wary of each other and look at every action suspiciously. They may even tend to focus on the negatives, looking for evidence for mistrusting. Imagine you have employed a new servant. You would be having an eagle eye on his / her every movement. And it would take quite some time to feel reassured about the person’s character.

Various "Trust building measures" (TBM) would have to be undertaken to give comfort to the other person. Being transparent, openly communicating your position and thoughts, showing honesty, being predictable, smiling genuinely, honouring commitments, speaking truth, taking permission before entering another's space etc. are all TBMs which say that I am keen to win your trust. Saying "Trust me" repeatedly often has contrary results!!

Being trusted is a huge compliment and gives us tremendous advantages. We need to work towards earning this from every one.


KParthasarathi said...

Every word is worth its weight in gold.Very nicely written.I am aware that relationships risk breakup where trust is wanting and we must take TBMs as you rightly said.Thanks

Dithi said...

Greetings Vish! Trust is a core value that is one of the founding blocks of any does need the 'earn' it over a period of time. You have given it the attention and importance it so deserves!



Anonymous said...

Very rightly said.Slowly and steadily building trust is one of the most important things that one needs to do to strengthen any relationship.


Bindhu Unny said...

Any relationship needs trust - be it your spouse or milkman. Only the degree of trust varies. To be considered as trustworthy is very important. :-)
(There is another adventure called 'trust fall' where you're blindfolded and have to fall backwards from a height, trusting that the people standing below will catch you) :-)

lakshmi said...

Hi Vish
very true
trusting is probably easy
but being so in the eyes of other people......well like you say lots of efforts needs to be put in.
thanks for a lovely post