Saturday, May 2, 2009

Eschew Violence

As per Hindu scriptures, violence / slaughter houses is one of the five places where evil exists - others are in gold / wealth, illicit sex / prostitution, gambling and alcohol consumption.

All around us we see acts of violence being committed all the time. People want to settle all differences by use of force. There are many who indulge in violence without a second thought. And there are also people who enjoy this 'sport'. Imagine the crowds watching sports such as bull fighting or cock fighting. Somehow there is a section of people who love to watch bloodletting and pain creation happen.

When someone is indulging in violence or encouraging / supporting violence, he is incurring sin. By avoiding violence, we are ensuring that evil does not come near us. By staying away from evil, in this manner, we are walking the path of the virtuous and the pious ones which will lead us to the highest state that man strives for.

Violence here refers not merely about the physical violence. It also includes other aspects like violence of speech, violence of thought etc. One should be striving to control the mind in such a manner by which violence is never an option. Humans who achieve this would be reaching the highest state of evolution. The more the mind resorts to violence, the less human we are. Who are we but animals, if we resort to violence?

When we are moving on a path which shuns violence, we are surrounded by peace. All our differences can be addressed or resolved by dialogue and discussion. For mature individuals, it must be logic that drives decisions, isn't it? In peaceful surroundings, our health improves, our mind thinks clearly and we see more solutions. We begin to accept other's point of view and even appreciate diversity.

This topic cannot be completed without a mention of the father of our nation - Mahatma Gandhi who was the apostle of non-violence. He was the true contemporary saint who re-taught the world its responsibilities and the way to live. It was he who said "An eye for an eye will only lead to the whole world becoming blind". By propagating non-violence, Mahatma Gandhi achieved our country's freedom and at the same time, reaffirmed our country's prominence in civilized behaviour and spiritual leadership.

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KParthasarathi said...

"True ahimsa should mean a complete freedom from ill-will and anger and hate and an overflowing love for all" said Mahatma Gandhi.It is wellnigh difficult forr common man though that is the ideal one must work for.We are witness to violence to truth in every sphere of activity from business to politics.
A well reasoned plea.