Thursday, April 30, 2009

Speak Softly !!

It is said that one of the first faculties to develop in the child when it is in the womb is the ear and the sense of hearing. Likewise, it is believed that the last sense to fail when a person is dying, is his sense of hearing. Communication is very important for knowing other peoples thoughts as well as to let other people know our thoughts. What and how we speak reflects our upbringing, our maturity and our sense of balance.

Often, we do not watch our speech. At times when we get excited or emotional, we get carried away and lose all control over our speech. Public speaking is said to be one of the most stressful occasions when people get overwhelmed and sometimes have coordination problems between the mind and the tongue. Sometimes, other emotions like fear or anger can adversely impact our speech.

Others, however, are constantly watching us speak and forming opinions or changing opinions that they hold about us. So, it is important that we control our speech. When we speak softly, we win friends and can influence people. Real leaders do not rave and rant when they speak. Rather, they speak softly and gently and appeal to the inner emotions of their listeners.

It is when we are agitated that we need to control our speech the most. If we speak roughly or loudly, we might hurt or discourage someone. Rough speech is the fastest way to lose friends or make enemies. Moreover, we need to be always conscious of the impact that we make with our speech.

Speaking softly helps calm us down and improves the "atmosphere". People get motivated to communicate freely when such an atmosphere exists. Open communication builds trust and creates a positive impact on productivity and efficiency.

So, speak softly and smile often :-)


KParthasarathi said...

Very true.The roaring clouds produce no rain and only ardha ghato that makes loud noise.

Sonal Raisinghani said...

I would say neither speak too softly nor be too loud. Because in both the cases listener is unable to focus..message is lost.
when you speak too loudly you might be considered as arrogant. If you speak too softly you can be considered as weak or immature.
I would say speak in a normal volume (avg audible level of a human ear) with a proper co-ordination of your heart, mind and tongue.
Completely agree with you sir that - Rough speech is the fastest way to lose friends or make enemies.