Friday, May 29, 2009

Smile, Make Friends, Be Happy

I have recently read a few nice & interesting blogs on smiling. The subject being so interesting, I decided to write a blog on the same subject.

I have seen some people who are generally cheerful and happy. When I look carefully, one common trait that I see in them is a happy go lucky attitude and a constant smile on their face. In fact, even at times when they are troubled, their smile does not leave them. If not a cheerful smile, we sometimes see a rueful smile. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar is a clear example of this.

I have also seen some people (typically senior and serious people) who rarely smile. It is almost as if it is an effort to smile. They seem to think that their image will get diluted if they smile and people will start taking them lightly. Such people never let their guard down and (I feel) make efforts to prevent the occasional smile from lighting their faces. Some politicians’ names come to mind with this thought.

A smile on the face makes us look very attractive and beautiful. Without it, our face looks as if an important feature is missing. When we smile, it makes people sit up and take notice. They want to know the secret of our happiness. Like bees are attracted to flowers, human beings are attracted to others who smile often. We want to partake in the joy that seems to ooze out of the person who smiles.

When we smile within ourselves, it makes us look lovely. And when we give a genuine smile to others, they instantly smile back in a spontaneous reaction. When two people smile at each other, the ice is broken and a friendship is ready to be formed. When we thus create friendship with such a small gesture, we are reducing stress and tensions and building warmth and happiness.

Even when we are troubled and are going through pain, we can attempt to lessen it by smiling. When we smile, we are saying that "Hey, I am strong and will not be affected so easily". With that smile, our burdens become lighter and our mood picks up. The only time to avoid smiling is when someone else is in trouble.

So, keep smiling and spread joy around you.


KParthasarathi said...

I think smile should be genuine coming from heart and not a plastic smile of an airhostess.A nice post

Deliberately Thoughtless said...

Good post.. I always smile.. God knows when someone is going to fall in love with my smile....

Irene said...

True! Have a smile each day and you'll have a wonderful day! :)

lakshmi said...

Smile - a very beautiful and precious jewel that adorns a/any face.... keep smiling..........

:) have a great day

Avin said...

Smile is infectious,you can catch it like a flu.
Smile goes a long way to keep away the blue.

Just a thought that came after reading your smiling post ;)

manivannan said...




Do you except something else friend? :D

*smiles & wishes*