Thursday, May 7, 2009


“We only control what we do and have no control over what happens” , is a quote I read recently. I was stunned by the simplicity and the profundity of this quote.

If this is true, which I believe it to be, what are the implications? Should one be a fatalist and wait for things that are destined to happen? Or should one seize the opportunity knowing fully well that we control what we do and make the best of it? And when we are working with determination and purpose and things do not go our way, what should we do? How should we react?

Lord Krishna in Bhagvad Gita shows us the way. He says we should be composed and equipoised in our lives. Neither defeat nor victory should affect us significantly. Our balance and composure should not be disturbed by outcomes which are outside our control. If we lead our lives thus we will be ever happy.

Being composed thus is not easy. It is unnatural. We can be so composed only when we are spiritually evolved and look at both victory as well as defeat as being essentially temporary. In this world, everything is temporary - be it moments like these, be it relationships, be it possessions etc. The very nature of this world is that it is changing continuously. Nothing lasts. If we look back at anything in history we will find that no condition and no situation were permanent.

With this realisation, one should resolve to be composed. Because neither will our gains remain with us nor will our losses deprive us. Neither should praise impact us nor should blame or criticism shame us. By being composed, one is confirming ones faith in the Almighty and surrendering ones circumstances to the All Powerful God.

Be gracious in victory and graceful in defeat - Vishwanath Seshadri


KParthasarathi said...

Very well said ,sir though it is difficult in practice with so much of attachments

igvirene said...

Hi Vish,

I also believe in that quote. We can only control what we do but not what's gonna happen. Every action we do has its own consequences and we are the victims of our own bad actions.