Thursday, May 21, 2009

Have Fun Everyday (HFE) !!

Many of us wonder on what is the purpose of life. Different people have different theories and each seems logical when we hear it. Some say the purpose of life is to become divine, attain God. Some say that it is to serve others. Some say it is to seek and achieve happiness. Yet some others say that life has no purpose and we have to live life because we have it!!

Whatever be the your purpose in life and whatever be the theory that appeals to you, there is no denying that it is best spent in joy. If we take life too seriously, we end up wasting our time and not enjoying ourselves. I have seen many people (including me, at times) becoming serious while doing some work or activity and shutting out all notions of fun. Such people get angry or upset when they see others making light of things. They confuse sincerity with seriousness and end up tense all the time.

Contrast this with people who go about their jobs with a song on their lips and a twinkle in their eyes. They are so full of positive energy that they do the job well and creatively too. On top of it, they enjoy doing what they are doing. They motivate others also to join them because whatever they are doing seems so much fun. They do not sacrifice sincerity - they only add the flavour of fun and get the job well done. They do not have fun at other's cost; rather they have inclusive fun.

Even when we do the meanest of work, we can still retain our fun mindset. For e.g.., even if we are swiping the floor, we can create a game around it. We used to do this as children - sliding along the floor which is wet and smooth!! When we are thus having fun, we create happy moments for us and everyone around us. We create happy memories. As we move purposefully towards our chosen goals, let's keep having fun and enjoy the journey.


KParthasarathi said...

Fun is in enjoying what you do.Thanks for highlighting this oft needed message

SRK said...

What a wonderful message, Sir. I also believe that life will become meaningless and empty without our daily dose of fun. Keep smiling and spreading your thoughts :)

Rush said...

neat post..right on my the serious kinds at times and anil, my hubby is exactly the light minded funloving we balance out :)

Ashesh said...
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Ashesh said...

When you are having fun or are happy you always see glass half full and not half empty, I mean one spread's positive rays and that is what matters, it makes life worth living hundred years with someone having fun.

Vishwanath Seshadri said...

Thanks KP, SRK, Rush & Ashesh for your comments.