Saturday, May 9, 2009

Count your Blessings !!

Each one of us is blessed with so many things. While some may be happy in love, for some it may be a sound body and mind, for some it may be excellent family or extra-ordinary parents, for some it may be success in career or business, for some others it could be some terrific talent or popularity. Extremely rare are people who have everything good or bad in life. Most people have some "blessings" and some "missings".

If we think about what we have and look around at people who do not have it (be it any of the blessings listed above or other blessings), we might suddenly find ourselves in an enviable position. We might consider ourselves superior. We might feel so good that we may want to celebrate or smile non-stop. We might want to proudly tell the world what we have.

On the other hand, if we look at what others have and check whether we also have it, we could be disappointed, depressed or upset. We might feel like complaining that life is unfair to me or we might start burning with envy or start losing self worth.

One is a situation where we are deliriously happy and another where we are dejected and forlorn. Which is a better situation? Is it not in our hands to decide which situation we want to be in? Can we not be happy by counting our blessings and ignoring what we do not have? This does not mean that we become fatalist and give up ambition altogether. It is only a message to look at the brighter side of things and not ignore what is already in one’s kitty!!

And if there are things that we once had but not any longer, let us be happy in the memories of the good times. Let us look back at the past and thank the heavens for the opportunities and the blessings enjoyed by us then....


KParthasarathi said...

We all know this message but the way you have said it invests the subject with special charm.You have a knack of making clear presentation.Congrats

igvirene said...

Definitely! That is something that everyone should do and this small would be happy and contented.ΓΌ