Thursday, April 23, 2009

Aim For Perfection (AFP)

Sometime back I had written a blog called "Do your best" (DYB). This blog is in similar lines....

Right from the time we wake up till we go to sleep, we do several tasks. Some of them are very personal in nature meant for upkeep of the body and soul, while other tasks could be those which we do for a living. One principle that could be commonly applied while doing any and all of these tasks is to "Aim For Perfection" (AFP).

When I say AFP, I mean we do the task in the best possible way and keep looking for ways to improve it. Say for example, one is brushing her teeth. One way would be to do it as a routine task and get it over with quickly and without applying any thought to it. The other way would be to be conscious of the task and the reason why we are doing it. The apply the right technique of holding the brush, rinsing the mouth, applying the paste and ensuring all teeth are evenly and completely addressed.

When we do all our tasks in this manner of AFP, we stay focused on the present and the task in hand. No past events or future problems occupy our mind. We get the right kind of value of the time spent and we feel good about accomplishing whatever we have done. If we AFP like this, people sit up and take notice as we stand out amongst the crowd. Whether it is the way we are groomed or the way we conduct ourselves with others or the way we carry out our duties, we appear to be a role model for others. Our life becomes more meaningful and fulfilled.

Someone commented that perfection is impossible to achieve. My response to that is aim for the stars so that we at least reach the moon. Aim for perfection and you might reach the state of excellence. Being in the state of excellence is in itself a major achievement. So, start AFP from the very moment onwards..

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