Friday, April 17, 2009

Be Contended !!

Someone once said "There is no person richer than a contended person". When I reflect on this statement, I find it to be the absolute truth. As long as one is dissatisfied with his / her lot, one is poor because there is a feeling of shortage. In contrast, if one is feeling satisfied with what one has, then that person has an abundance mindset and therefore is richer than anyone. Therefore, Contentment becomes the most precious wealth. Simple, isn't it ?

One of the biggest source of our miseries is this feeling that what I have is not enough. If I have something more, I will be happy and fulfilled. But guess what ? As soon as we get what we desire, our heart yearns for something else. It is funny. Our satisfaction should not lie in what we do not have. It should be in what we have already. If our satisfaction lies in what we do not have, we will be eternally dissatisfied and therefore eternally unhappy.

Being contended means that we are at peace and we are full of joy. We see things with pleasure but without seeking to own them. We start enjoying the small pleasures of life. We are close to Nirvana. Being contended is the first as well as the last step to attaining God.

Be Contended !!

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