Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Eat Healthy & Be Happy!!

Often when faced with the prospect of choosing what to eat / drink, we tend to pick on what appeals to our sense of taste. If an article of food is dressed well, presented well, smells right and has the taste that we love, we make that as our first choice. Some people go to extra-ordinary lengths to get such food of their choice.

I take my decisions on what is good for me and my body and not worry so much about the few seconds that the food lasts either on the plate or in my palate. What I mean is that the food that we consume must be right for us. It lasts a few hours in the body and the effects (in the form of energy and impact) lasts much longer. So, one must strive to consume such food that has the best impact on the body.

So, even though fried stuff tastes a whole lot better, we may consume it in moderation as it can lead to a variety of disastrous after effects if consumed liberally. Likewise, sweet desserts are tempting but unless controlled, it could lead to some permanent problems. I am not going to go into depths here about different types of food, health foods etc. as I am not a dietician nor do I want to appear prescriptive.

All I would like to reiterate here is that each one of us need to assess what is it that we want from our meal and choose the meal accordingly. Each of us need to be also conscious that by cultivating the right kind of eating habits, we will lead healthier and therefore, happier lives.

So, what are you waiting for ?

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igvirene said...

Really health is wealth and of course, happier lives!