Thursday, January 8, 2009

Health is indeed Wealth !!

I once read an Arabian proverb which said "He who has health has hope; and he who has hope has everything". And I agreed whole heartedly. Many of us, in pursuit of our goals, tend to forget how important health is to achieve the very same goals. Without sound health, it would not be possible to achieve anything. And many of us presume that good health is our birth right and needs no effort to maintain.

Dear friends, it is imperative that we be conscious of the fact all the time that we need to put effort to enjoy a healthy body. We need to remember that our body is like a machine which needs to be taken care.

Nutritious and balanced diet taken at regular intervals coupled with good fitness regime and adequate sleep are pre-requisites. Abstinence from things that can damage health should be strictly followed. Right kind of exposure in form of friends, reading, life style, thinking will all help in forming healthy habits and give you longer period of problem free life.

God has endowed many of us with good natural health and it is our duty to take care of this asset that will remain with and support us till the end of our lives. Neglecting it will only be detrimental to our happiness. With good health, we can strive to reach our goals and have fun along the journey.

As Robin Sharma so nicely put it "Care for your health. Don’t be the richest person in the cemetery."

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