Monday, September 28, 2009

Sleep well!!

Our body has an inbuilt clock. It reminds us to eat and to drink from time to time to nourish ourselves. It also tells us when to sleep and faithfully wakes us in the morning at a fixed time each day. Interestingly the sleep trigger seems to be linked to the amount of light that is present.

It is well known how important sleep is for the overall well-being of a person. Sleep too little and you feel groggy and confused. Sleep too much and you feel lethargic and lazy. Sleep is necessary for the body to rest, rejuvenate and re-energise itself. It is when we are in the deepest sleep that we get the most refreshed. Meditation, if practiced regularly and properly, can refresh our minds sufficiently and help us cut down on sleep.

In modern world, it is fashionable to play with sleep. Some of us sleep too late for we have so many things to to - like completing tasks or watching television (the best programs are late in the night) or attending parties or entertaining ourselves in different other ways. Some of us sleep too little because we want to get as much as possible from our daily 24 hours. This can often be counter productive.

Excessive sleep and lack of sleep are both dangerous. They have an impact on our attitudes and our behaviour. We may become indifferent, casual, lazy, rude or irritable if we do not sleep well. Each body is tuned to get a certain amount of sleep (typically 6-9 hours). We must make sure that this is not sacrificed or compromised for it can affect our health and capability to think coherently & lead a life of values.


shri ramesh sadasivam said...

Hi Vish,
I really admire your talent in coming with really good values day after day.

And I do feel every post is as important as another.

Swami Vivekanandha says, "Half an hour of effective meditation is equal to six of hours of good sleep"

Hence we conclude, six hours of good sleep is equal to half an hour of effective meditation. :)

(Just Kidding)

Jokes apart, I do like to share something I realized.

Every month a Shivrathiri comes.

If one stays awake on the night of SHIVRATHIRI sleeping disorders will get eradicated. (both over sleeping and insomnia)

I have tried keeping myself awake a few times. It is really wonderful. But I am not be able to consistent.

Those who meditate can feel a tremendous upward flow of energy on the night of SHIVRATHIRI.

I think in a month on that one night if we refrain from sleeping disorders can be removed and there by the side effects of sleeping disorder too.

manivannan said...

You've really drawn a beautiful line of sleeping too long, and completely not sleeping at all. Wonderful, and I agree with you :-)

Now I'm really tempted to sleep Vish :D

Good night :D

Rakesh Vanamali said...

Sleep is when man detaches from his ego and merges with the vast cosmic expanse of creation! It is that time when all of us in unity feel away from the impositions of our person and identity!

Very well written Sir, as always!

Anya said...

Very well written
and very interesting blog :))

greetings from The Netherlands
Anya :)

Being Pramoda... said...

HI Vish,

Yeah..well said..good sleep is must and should for a human body.

Recently i read a book on dreams that we get while that the author mentions that for any human bing 4 hrs sleep is enough. What's ur opinion on it??

THANKS for this post ..

anupama said...

Dear Vish,
Early to bed,
Early from bed,
Makes a man healthy,wealthy n wise!
i love to quote these lines on sleep n the importanceof how much sleep we need!
Vish,i was aproblem child,getting up late and now teh splash of water on my face brings laughter on my face!
i got back my sleep yesterday night after spending sleepless nights for four days!:)[my new post will answer the puzzle].
the severe headache one gets due to lack of enough of sleep-My God!don't ask me!the evry thought is frightening!
today i got up early morning n iam enjoying every moment!it's raining hevily.beautiful!
but,looking at the sweetie,i want to sleep for a short time!:)cool image!
and before signing off,blessed are they who can have a sound sleep!
avoid sleeping after lunch as one will put on weight[my added weightis the proof]:)
have a great day ahead!
enjoyed visiting at your space......