Sunday, November 30, 2008

Live Joyously, Love Selflessly !!

Life is short. Let us learn to enjoy it. Each experience, each event, each encounter is to be savoured and treasured. In hindsight, each of these is useful to our development and evolution. If the attitude and approach is right, one can truly enjoy life and make us experience heaven on earth. For what is heaven but an endlessly period of joy and bliss?

There are times when we feel that the situation is painful and we want to get it over with. It is bitter and sour and not pleasant. At such times, one should remember that most medicines are bitter and despite that, they are good for us. Tough times are nature’s way of teaching us and helping us to become tougher, more mature, balanced etc.

Usually, we go through even good times without fully enjoying ourselves. Some anxiety, some worry keeps nagging us from the back of our minds and we do not make the most of even joyous occasions. It is only when we learn to live “in the moment” that we can truly experience joy.

When we thus live life joyously, we start loving everything and everyone around us. We become generous & expansive and are willing to share the joy with others around us. This is a selfless gesture wherein we have no expectations but to see the same joy in others. This is what I call loving selflessly.

So, if you live joyously and love selflessly, you are already in a state of Nirvana and are in a mood to give and forgive. That mood qualifies you for reaching the supreme. And you are one with God!


snkgrewalz said...

Hi Vish,

I apologize for my long absence....but here I am! Once again, a misfortune, a calamity has befallen our people, but this time, it was done with human decisivenes, marked and targeted! And once again, but like never before, we hollered ourselves hoarse, saying we shall have to come together - fight as One force!

We speak of oneness! People want to know how? We say man is the image of God - they say - how?

Take the atmosphere...air, which in reality is the Cosmic Energy, the One, the Omnipresent.....,it's all one, isn't it? The air in our homes, the air in every single one of the rooms in our homes, is the same as, and a part of, the air outside isn't it? Yet, the air in our drawing rooms smell different, the same air in our dining rooms smell of the fragrances of the fruits on the table, the same air in the kitchen smells of spices and cooked food, the same air in the bath smells of toiletries, the same air in the bedroom smells of perfume...why and how? Because though the Energy is One, the same, it coalesces when it nears matter and clumps around it. Then, after having taken on the identity of it's ater, it goes on furhter, and the farther it goes away from the matter, it stretches itself to being so thin, a hair's breadth almost, BUT NEVER BREAKS OFF, till it nears another matter and clumps around it, and becomes It too! And when the matter is the human body, we call this Energy clumping around it, the Soul. We are, in truth, all a part of the Same Being! God Bless!

vish.sesh said...

Thanks Maam. That was really profound and enlightening.

Dr. Sunita Nathan said...

Very true. In a way its beautifully interlinked. The more we live life joyously, the more we are full of love for life and ready to love selflessly. And the more we love without expectations, the more joyous our own life becomes! And there can be no better a heaven than that.
Thanks for sharing this lovely thought, at such a distressed time as the one we are going through today.

vish.sesh said...

Thank you doctor for your kind words. Sincerely appreciate and am feeling highly motivated..

CVS said...

"To attain"J-O-Y", you must put Jesus first, Others Next, You Last. This is the secret to live joyfully!" - Sri Sathya Sai Baba.

Merry Christmas!

snkgrewalz said...

Hello Vish....just tought of leaving these here.....

Religion should set us free and not bind us.

God is sending us mesages thru our failures.

More than the negative experience, it is the negative interpretation of the negative experiences, which makes life miserable. Let enlightenment be your home.

Greed to be somebody and fear of being nobody is the real failure.

With the very best of wishes for a happy and a healthy, peaceful New Year, and a big God Bless.....

Sonal Raisinghani said...

Thanks for this Enlightening blog post.