Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Do your Best !!

At every point of time, we are doing things - Sometimes for ourselves, sometimes for others. Actions or words or thoughts flow from us all the time. What should be one's attitude & approach? How should one deal with the flow?

In my view, the right approach would be to always "Do Your Best" (DYB). Why DYB? This is the only way to ensure that one’s output is of the highest quality possible. This is the expectation that everyone has of each of us - that is to give our best effort in whatever we do. There is no point doing anything with a casual or indifferent approach which will result in output of poor quality, consume more time / other resources and result in wasted efforts.

DYB is an obligation on each of us to carry out. It is a commitment to ourselves and to others to expect the best from us - Nothing less. With God's grace, each of us is blessed with a certain level of talent and a mind which has no limits. "The only limit to achievement is in our mind" is a saying I heard long ago. It is imperative therefore that we open our minds to achieve great things. We also need to make up our minds that anything that comes out of us will be the best possible.

When each of us is in this DYB mode, the world will become a much better place. Quality of output will improve, there will be more self satisfaction and joy. When we are in DYB mode, people will sit up and notice us, appreciate us, recognise us and celebrate us. It is a great feeling.

Try it!!


sona said...

"DYB" .. really wonderful motto. If everyone does their best, quality of life would be raised and our world would be better place to live in.. I am really inspired by the concept of "DYB" .

vish.sesh said...

Thank you, Sona.. Your comments mean a lot to me. Lets commit and get people to commit to DYB..