Saturday, November 22, 2008

Teamwork Works !!

Often I have had a debate within myself as to whether it is important to have star performers in ones team or whether the team is more important than the individual. Quite often I have seen individuals being recognised (like a famous sportsperson or an actor) and adulated and it has made me wonder.. Whether the person would have been really able to perform individually without the support of a team behind.

I believe that the team is really significantly more important that the individuals that constitute it. All processes must be put in place that celebrates the team and makes the individuals work for the team. A classic example of that is that of ants and how they run their society. Each ant is a worker who works relentlessly and passionately for the benefit of the larger goal and the colony. No one ant claims all rights to the glory or is rewarded differentially.

I differ with the theory of differentiating significantly and giving some people much more rewards than the others by describing them as stars / special people. While it is true that some level of differentiation is inevitable, it should not be so much as to create counter productive results. If some people are described as stars and others not, the stars will start getting self centered and will start working for personal goals rather than that of the team. And this will result in the effectiveness of the team getting eroded.

What do you think ?

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Sonal Raisinghani said...

Very well said sir!..
Under the divide and rule policy of Britishers,East India company made its way into the golden land of India..
But only under the able guidance of Mahatma Gandhi and his Team spirit.. of keeping everyone together, be it Hindu or Muslim brought us freedom.