Sunday, August 23, 2009

What's your goal?

Years ago, I went to an interview and was asked this question. At that time, I had only short term goals and was living life by the day. My immediate thought was to say "My goal is to get this job" but I managed a more polished "I haven't made up my mind on this yet". Later, this question made me think and come to the conclusion that it is indeed important to have a goal in life.

Without a goal, we are aimlessly drifting and our actions seem disoriented. We move from activity to activity in a random manner. Our interests are short term. We soon get bored with them and crave for new interests. Without a goal, we live and exist but do not dream or aspire.

When we have a goal, we are like men possessed. The desire to attain our goal consumes our every waking moment. Even when we are asleep, we dream about our goal. Our minds thinks of a hundred different ways of achieving it. Like Arjuna, who could see nothing but the eye of the bird that he was about to shoot an arrow at, we too develop a sharp focus.

Each of us have taken birth with a purpose. We need to think about it and, if possible, seek help from a Guru to understand it. It should be something that will make our life seem fulfilling. Only when we have taken a decision on this will our life and actions seem more meaningful. And once we have decided on our goal, we have already taken that first big step towards attaining it.

"Give me a stock clerk with a goal and I'll give you a man who will make history. Give me a man with no goals and I'll give you a stock clerk" - J.C. Penney

"You are here for a purpose. There is not a duplicate of you in the whole wide world; there never has been, there never will be. You were brought here now to fill a certain need. Take time to think that over" - Lou Austin

"You are only as strong as your purpose, therefore let us choose reasons to act that are big, bold, righteous and eternal" – Barry Munro


manivannan said...

That's a great post, as always Vish!

It makes me remember our Big brother Swami Vivekananda's awe-inspiring quote...

"Take up one idea. Make that one idea your life. Think of it, dream of it, live of it! Let the brain, muscle, nerves, every part of your body be full of that idea and just leave every other idea alone. This is the way great Spiritual Giants are produced, others are mere talking machines!"

And thanks for making me remember :-)

Anonymous said...

A very inspiring post..
Our goals can only be reached if we learn to define them,focus on them..never take your eyes off them and pursue them with vigour.The obstacles that we would face should be used as stepping stones to build the life we want..

"In life as in football we won't go far unless we know where the goal posts are"


Avin said...

Just like the image you have for this post, the message struck bulls eye.I am someone who does not know my destination and at the crossroads not knowing my goal.I have been like a yacht without a destination maneuvering the sails in the direction the wind blew letting the wind take me where it has to.Now i feel that i have to reorder it and change my perspective.Thanks for the lead.
Hope i find a goal soon :)

anupama said...

Dear Vish,
really interesting n inspiring.
but you know what,other than the eyes of birds,i see everything else,these days.:)
seeking guru?what are you telling vish?
is it possible?is it practical?my guru is my Amma n my people.
from your posts,i started aiming at the stars once again.
a bunch of thanks!
happy blogging!

shri ramesh sadasivam said...

Hi Vish,

This is a very important message!

Swami Vivekanandha say, "When a person with a Goal does five mistakes, a person without a goal will commit 500 mistakes."

I've been working on a goal for that past seven years and yet to achieve. But I am definitely a much better person than I was in talent efficiency and character.

Goal plus high principles, can transform any ordinary soul into a Mahathma.

Thanks for sharing such wonderful thoughts!

Subash said...

Yes, very clear !