Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Stop doing karma

Hindu philosophy believes in the concept of Karma. Every action has consequences. If we do good deeds, we get good results and vice versa. The result of our actions may happen in the same life or in the next life (Yes, Hindus also believe in reincarnation). Actions become karma only if done with a sense of attachment and expectation. So, for example, if we do charity with the hope that we will be benefited by it, we are creating good Karma.

In effect, therefore, Karma is like a bank account whose balance we can keep increasing by doing good karma and we can keep increasing the negative balance by doing bad karma. However, bad karma cannot be offset with good karma. We have to suffer and enjoy the consequence of both - which probably explains the ups and downs of life.

As long we keep doing karma, we are bound to this existence. Doing good karma may result in our enjoying a better life but it still binds us. As long as we keep taking births, there are chances of us succumbing to temptations or be misled by bad company and end up with bad karma. We also know that as long as we live, we will go through some good and some trying times. How can we break free of this endless cycle?

Our seers have taught us many ways of breaking this cycle of life and death. I would refer to one here as the topic relates to that of karma. Lord Krishna advises Arjuna in the Bhagvad Geeta to keep performing actions without expectations of results. Perform actions / duties without any attachment and do everything as an offering to Me, says Krishna.

If we do this, we stop accumulating new karma. And when we exhaust the fruits of all our past karma, we have broken free. We attain Nirvana or oneness with the Lord. It is the destination that we all are moving towards - consciously or subconsciously. Lets break free of karma and attain final everlasting beatitude.


Anonymous said...

Absolutely right.

Prashant Jalasutram said...

Nice article Viswanath Garu.

SUBS said...


John said...

Very well said.

Allow me to compliment you on your wondeful blogspot. It is like an oasis in the desert. We need more people to propogate good values like you do.

Anonymous said...

I don't think I am competent enough to comment on a topic like
this..but still here are my two cents..

Karma to me from what I have read is every work or action that we do,
may it be physical or mental.. which always leaves a mark on us and those around us.We are surrounded by good and bad,misery and happiness and we have the power to draw anything to us at the sametime also have the power of throwing it away from us.. We must concentrate on doing
good deeds in life and leave the rest to Almighty.. for I believe that no one gets anything unless he earns it. Our Karma would then probably determine what we deserve & what we assimilate..


Murali said...

NIce post!
I don't believe in god, but somehow the concept of karma intrigues me!!

shri ramesh sadasivam said...

Dear Vish,

A very excellent post on LAw of Karma!

I agree with you 100% percent.

Even if we earn good Karma we have to be born again to enjoy it. In the process there is a risk of accumulating bad karma.

Actually I am not much bothered about being born again and again. :) As long as it is the wish of Krishna. Would like to be a busy bee coming to earth and going back. Spreading his Glory.


manivannan said...

Vish, you've wonderfully explained the theory of Karma. Good or bad, Karma is still a Karma, and we have to nullify it to really experience FREEDOM :-)

Much thanks for the write-up!

Keep up the good work, I mean the good karma (he he)!

busyarnab said...


I read your posts diligently. After each reading i reflect and I actually see myself grow.

Your blog is doing society a huge favour -- not by giving something esoteric and exotic, but by bringing things down to basics, slowing things down in an increasingly exuberant world -- a world where excesses are the norm rather than the eception.

More than anything, your attempt is to get your readers to think. Yes, think big, but with the right values intact.