Sunday, November 30, 2008

Live Joyously, Love Selflessly !!

Life is short. Let us learn to enjoy it. Each experience, each event, each encounter is to be savoured and treasured. In hindsight, each of these is useful to our development and evolution. If the attitude and approach is right, one can truly enjoy life and make us experience heaven on earth. For what is heaven but an endlessly period of joy and bliss?

There are times when we feel that the situation is painful and we want to get it over with. It is bitter and sour and not pleasant. At such times, one should remember that most medicines are bitter and despite that, they are good for us. Tough times are nature’s way of teaching us and helping us to become tougher, more mature, balanced etc.

Usually, we go through even good times without fully enjoying ourselves. Some anxiety, some worry keeps nagging us from the back of our minds and we do not make the most of even joyous occasions. It is only when we learn to live “in the moment” that we can truly experience joy.

When we thus live life joyously, we start loving everything and everyone around us. We become generous & expansive and are willing to share the joy with others around us. This is a selfless gesture wherein we have no expectations but to see the same joy in others. This is what I call loving selflessly.

So, if you live joyously and love selflessly, you are already in a state of Nirvana and are in a mood to give and forgive. That mood qualifies you for reaching the supreme. And you are one with God!

Friday, November 28, 2008

Think Solution !!

We are often confronted with innumerable problems in our daily lives. It is usually unwelcome in our lives and we would prefer if the problems never arose. Each of us has a unique way to deal with life's problems or challenges as one might like to call them. Have we observed our own peculiar traits with respect to how we deal with our problems ?

Before I even talk about the preferred way of dealing with the little challenges, let me first state that these are really events that remove the boredom from our lives and bring in excitement. If we were to look at the challenges in this new light, we might even welcome them and look forward to the next one !

Instead to complaining about the problems and wishing that someone else deals with it or procrastinating about it, I feel the right way would be to think of solutions to resolve the problems. It should be viewed as puzzles that life throws up and our responsibility is to rack our brains and come up with the right answers.

Likewise, in an organisational context, one should always use the approach of identifying problems and coming up with the solutions. It is a good trait to be able to spot the problem but no one appreciates someone who is always criticising or complaining but is unable to provide the direction for resolving the open issues.

People who complain fall into the group of negative behaviours while solution oriented people are seen as positive and find recognition and rewards waiting for them all the time.

So, Which side are you aligned on ?

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Serve without expectations !!

What is the purpose of life? A very difficult and controversial subject and for which every person has a different thought and opinions. Some people think that the purpose of life is to enjoy life to the fullest and be happy. Some think it is about being successful in ones chosen career or path. While yet others think that there is no such thing as "purpose of life" and we just need to live each day as it comes.

I agree with each view as each is correct in its own way and if pondered over deeply will lead us to the same truth.

My view of the purpose of life is to search for and attain God. Each of us has the same goal and yet we use different approaches / roads to arrive at the destination. In Bhagavad Gita, Sri Krishna says that God can be attained in a variety of ways and each one has to choose the path that suits the most. For some, it is the path of worship and for some it is the path of work.

If one has chosen work, it should be done selflessly and without any expectation of results. Expectations of results clouds ones thoughts and makes one less than perfect in the performance of work. Also, this expectation can lead us to joy or misery based on the result. If one chooses to work as if it is the same as worship, irrespective of the type of work being done, it is the best and quickest way to reach God.

Perform each work with love and derive satisfaction purely from the work well done. Appreciation or condemnation should not sway you from doing your work with passion and dedication. If this approach is used, you have arrived!! Satisfaction is always yours and with satisfaction, you have peace and when you have peace, can God be far behind?

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Teamwork Works !!

Often I have had a debate within myself as to whether it is important to have star performers in ones team or whether the team is more important than the individual. Quite often I have seen individuals being recognised (like a famous sportsperson or an actor) and adulated and it has made me wonder.. Whether the person would have been really able to perform individually without the support of a team behind.

I believe that the team is really significantly more important that the individuals that constitute it. All processes must be put in place that celebrates the team and makes the individuals work for the team. A classic example of that is that of ants and how they run their society. Each ant is a worker who works relentlessly and passionately for the benefit of the larger goal and the colony. No one ant claims all rights to the glory or is rewarded differentially.

I differ with the theory of differentiating significantly and giving some people much more rewards than the others by describing them as stars / special people. While it is true that some level of differentiation is inevitable, it should not be so much as to create counter productive results. If some people are described as stars and others not, the stars will start getting self centered and will start working for personal goals rather than that of the team. And this will result in the effectiveness of the team getting eroded.

What do you think ?

Thursday, November 13, 2008

The Power of Recognition !!

Human beings have one intense desire which is common. Each one of us craves to be appreciated, praised and valued. It gives us a sense of accomplishment and fulfilment. We all want to be seen as important and useful.

So, a good way to deal with people is to identify their strengths and contributions and to communicate this to them very sincerely and often. This elevates the person so recognised to a much higher plane and motivates the person to do much more. It builds a very powerful chain reaction of positive energy. Not only would the person start having a lot of self respect but also a lot of self confidence. Once a special skill / strength are thus recognised, the person tries to focus on it and become perfect at it.

Another important tool to build positive energy and motivation is to publicly recognise and reward people. The reward need not be very fancy or expensive. A mere token of appreciation in the form of a small yet appropriate gift is sufficient to seal the deal. A small chit of paper with a personalised message would be treasured for years by the recipient. A kind word spoken genuinely will remain in the heart forever.

So, what are you waiting for ? Go, make someone's day today..