Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Purpose of life

Last week a young friend passed away suddenly. He slipped into coma when his blood sugar went down. Despite continuous medical attention and all parameters being normal, he remained in coma and passed away after ailing for a short while.

On hearing about his death, I realised again about the fickleness and uncertainty of life. We all realise this but quickly forget it in the hustle & bustle of everyday life. King Yudhistir was once asked about what surprises him immensely and he replied “Everyday all around us we see death and yet people believe that they will live forever”.

Even knowing that our days are numbered and that we shall give up the ghost sooner or later, we continue to lead lives without worrying about the purpose or our direction. We continue to chase after, and bemoan about, things which do not matter. We aspire for temporary pleasures. We pursue worthless goals. We discuss vague topics. We listen to junk.

We fail to see the presence of God everywhere. We fail to acknowledge His creation. We forget to remember Him. We avoid discussing Him. We turn away from music that praises Him. We do not sincerely worship Him. Nor do we show gratitude for His grace and generosity.

Wake up. Waste not a moment. Focus all your senses and mind onto Him. Feel blissful and be blessed. Discover the true meaning of your life. Achieve the true purpose of your life. Reach out to Him before death robs you of this opportunity.


Dew said...

The death is so very unpredictable. I pray to god everyday and count his blessings.

KParthasarathi said...

A good reminder oft forgotten and remembered when too late.
Thanks Vish for the nice post

V Rakesh said...

A very moving post Sir. It is very important to evolve spiritually before one's time comes to a close on this plane, for that alone will ensure progression!

Prasanth Jalasutram said...

very well said sir.

Sonal Raisinghani said...

Following three couples of Sant Kabir explain it all.

Chalti Chakki dekh kar, diyaa kabira roye,
Dui paatan ke bich mein, saboot bacha na koi.

aaye hai so jaayenge, raja rank phakir,
ek sinhasan chadi chale, ek bandhe jaat janjir.

vaid mua, rogi mua, mua sakal sansar,
ek kabira na mua, jehi ram adhaar.

Purpose of Life said...

Hi friends,

When you know yourself and have a firm understanding of your purpose in life, you strengthen your mental, spiritual and emotional base. Once you know your purpose in life, you are able to ascertain your direction. Having a purpose is like having a compass that will guide you through all of your decisions and actions. Thanks...