Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Adam & Eve - The original story

Most of us who have exposure to modern education know of the story of Adam and Eve. How many of us know that this story is in fact an adaptation of the original story found in Hindu scriptures? I myself learnt this not very long ago and wish to share this with you. I give below the original Hindu story.

Originally, this was not a story but an illustration to teach on the fundamental philosophy of Hinduism. The illustration refers to Atma (Adam) or Universal soul and Jeeva (Eve) or life as two birds sitting on the same Peepul (Apple) or Fig tree which symbolises the body.

The Jeeva identifies itself with the body and enjoys the fruits of the tree in the form of pain or joy which are the effects of past sins or virtues. The Atma, which is as aspect of the Lord, is beyond this and hence is only an observer and not a participant.

Hindu philosophy tries to draw a distinction between the body and the soul. It tries to teach that while we dwell in the body, we are not the body. We continue to exist even if much of the body parts are lost in some accident. The question "who am I?" if taken to its logical conclusion tells us that "I" am an entity distinct and different from my body.

An enlightened person is one who realises this and does not identify with the body. She is therefore able to handle the differences like joy / pain, honour / dishonour etc. with equanimity.

This illustration is given to seekers of true knowledge in order to show them a way of living life. When one becomes aware of the difference between the body which is transient and temporary in nature and life which is eternal, one starts becoming more balanced and matured in ones approach. Ups and downs in life become easier to bear. The essential inequality among different people / beings begin to disappear and dissolve. One starts become more dispassionate, compassionate and selfless.

One becomes ready for spiritual salvation or Moksh.


V Rakesh said...

Wow! I didn't know this was it! Thanks so much for sharing Sir!

Anonymous said...

Very Beautifully explained..and once again very well written..Thanks for sharing..


Latha Nair said...

Philosophy of life condensed
in a few paras-great!!!

Sonal Raisinghani said...

I did not know that this story had its roots in Hindu scriptures too...

What you have mentioned in your blog is similar to below mentioned lines of Sukhmani Sahib

"Braham Gyani Sada Nirlep
Jaise Jal Mahi Kamal Alep"

surjit said...

An inspiring post.Thanks for sharing.
God bless.

Anonymous said...

Check out this video which exposes that the Biblical story of Adam & Eve is fake..

Balas Sun said...


Allan Pellew said...

This subject is interesting , the one in the bible looks garbled!!