Friday, February 26, 2010

Not mine, not mine

There was once a jobless poverty stricken man. He lived a difficult life on the charity of others and had little to call his own. He had very few friends. One day a friend offered him a tip to invest in a particular share in the stock market which was quoting at a very low price. So, this guy went around and borrowed some money and invested. Very soon the share price reached dizzy levels and he sold it to make a tidy profit after repaying the loan. Often after that he consulted his friend and made investments in the stock markets and in less than a year, he could call himself rich owning a nice house, car and a good holding of shares.

After that he became a regular in the stock markets. He spent his days watching the movements of share prices and his nights in luxury. There came a time when the value of his share holding reached a very high level and he was delirious with joy. Some time after that, the sub prime crisis erupted and the markets started crashing. He was optimistic and was hoping for the prices to recover. However, it kept going down each day making him desperate and miserable. On some days there would be a slight improvement and he would smile but then the prices would fall and he would frown.

In many ways, his happiness or sorrow seemed to be directly linked to the share prices. He had forgotten that he was once a pauper with nothing of his own. Now he felt that he was losing something.

In many ways we are like this man. A lot of us have days when we feel miserable. It could be triggered by a variety of causes like loss of something or someone precious, break up of a relationship, failure in something that we attempted to do, being unfairly treated by someone etc. When such a time comes, we react in a varied ways. Some of us go into a shell and refuse to communicate, some sob their hearts out, some find solace in sharing their misery with some trusted person, some drown their sorrows by resorting to artificial supplements like wine etc.

When we came into this world we came all alone with no possession and even when we leave this world it will be likewise. We will not be taking our wealth, our relations, our ambitions etc. with us. Everything emerges and dissolves in this earth. Our true happiness does not and should not depend on external matter / events. Ignorance is the root cause of all misery. If we think about it in a dispassionate manner nothing should really make us sad.

The mourning / celebration etc. are all a result of our minds. When we think something nice has happened or is going to happen, we feel happy and vice versa. So, our 'thinking' is really responsible for our state of mind. In other words, we can program our minds to think that everything is fine as it is. We need not worry, fret or fume about things. We can position ourselves as mere witness to the drama unfolding. We can choose to remain uninvolved and blissful.

We should think that we own nothing and that nothing belongs to us. We should keep repeating in our minds the mantra "Not mine, not mine" in order to slowly and steadily disassociate ourselves with everything. This will insulate us from sorrow without preventing us from enjoying what is available. We should treat life like how we go to an entertainment park. We should be aware that we are here for a short time and should learn to live life blissfully without clinging to it.


tshidiso molebatsi ogotseng said...

i need more messeges that will build my character and yeild sucess through out my life. thanks

Tyaagi said...

Hi..A very beautiful post as usual..:-)

I totally agree with your thought that we need to program our minds to think that everything is fine as it is, for our state of mind is responsible for all that we undergo in life..

Here are a few beautiful lines by Satya SaiBaba which says:
"What comes and goes is a form of illusion the creation of man's mind and yet at that time it all seems so important,absorbing his attention and distracting him from the truth and reality of life.Don't be misled or influenced by what you see around you..You live in a world which is a playground of illusion.."


V Rakesh said...

Oh yes! To be content is a gift in itself, something that is not always the case with many of us!

We often forget that life is to be led in the most austere manner and that the purpose is not to amass wealth and material any more than peace, joy and good health!

KParthasarathi said...

Very illuminating piece.To be detached and not to rejoice or grieve unduly over gains and losses even while doing our duty sincerely with dedication is the message so beautifully said.Thanks Mr.Vish.
I will be regular in future in posting comments.

Amritbir Kaur said...

Very well said! Indeed, we behave as if we would carry all our wealth with us. We tend to forget that even Alexander the Great went away empty-handed from this world. We earn to live but we should not live to earn.

anupama said...

Dear Vish,
Good Morning!
Life is like this.We forget each and every moment is a blessing from God.Life is the best teacher and each experience is an eye opener.
Through post we can bring awareness about the right values and culture.
It is not the happenings that change our lives but our reactions and the attitude towards the happenings.
Wishing you a wonderful weekend,