Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Control yourself !!

We are surrounded by temptations all the time. Our minds get attracted to things that we see, smell, hear etc. Each one of us has our weaknesses and we inevitably succumb to it. Our senses seem to control us and our minds rather than us being in control. We thus lead lives as slaves to our senses. All our actions and thoughts seem to revolve around these temptations and we end up doing many silly and regrettable things to live and re-live the experience.

We sometimes do detestable things when our mind is weak and not fully in control. We become provoked or angry and say harsh words or become violent. Relationships that are built and nurtured over a long time are broken in a fit of momentary madness. We lie and cheat to get sense gratification. We break the trust of those around us. We waste our lives chasing things that would never satisfy us completely or add value to our lives. It is almost like trying to extinguish a fire by pouring fuel.

Most of us do not have a will power so strong that we can give up our secret desires. If we think about it, these desires have arisen in us only due to our encouragement and our experiences. Over time and life times, these become hard coded tendencies and habits which are difficult to break. Even if realise the issue intellectually, we may not take the steps necessary to overcome it. Some of us could be in a denial mode and never acknowledge the problem.

Lord Krishna, in His parting advice to beloved devotee and friend Uddhava, said "Control your speech, mind, organs and the impure intellect with the purified intellect. Then you will no more return to the world". He further said that for the person who has not controlled his mind, speech and intellect, the good work done in the form of vows, charity and austerities leak out as water flows out from an unbaked jar.

Unless we have a control over ourselves, our emotions, our thoughts, our desires and our passions how can we succeed in our ventures? We can achieve this control only by firm resolve and strong discipline. If we can visualise the benefits and imagine our new improved personality without the baggage of temptations, we would find it easier to strengthen our mind. We could also seek external help and facilitation from someone we trust to help us in the process. Hypnosis, meditation and yoga can also work wonders.

Control yourself and enjoy success.

"A learned man's knowledge will be of no avail if he does not have control over his tongue" - Kabir

"Non-control of senses is the path of ruin. Control of the senses is the path of prosperity. A man of self-control can move freely." - Chanakya

"Without controlling ourselves, we can never hope to control others" - Vishwanath Seshadri


V Rakesh said...

Brilliant post Sir! My father tells me all the time "If you do not learn to control yourself, then you will be controlled by a force from outside you."

This post reminds me of just that!

Very well put!

Sneha said...

I always cherish reading all your post.:)

Anonymous said...

A nice post..What we think determines what happens to us,so if we need to change and control ourselves we need to direct our thoughts and stretch our minds in the right direction..

"Control yourself or someone will control you"


Anya said...

Be yourself ...
Or motivate yourself...
Whatever has to be done ...
it's always your choice !!!


Keki Antia said...

Excellent. Keep up the good work.


Cyrus Rumi said...

I always enjoy reading your posts...loved the quotes...:)

Disciplining your mind to good intentions and actions will lead to great spiritual and personal growth:)

Namaste to you, brother:)


Jyotsna P kadayaprath said...

Without controlling ourselves, we can never hope to control others" - very true dear..this is the one message I always extend to my students.you have said it nicely.
love n regards

anupama said...

Dear Vish,
Good Evening!
great thought,friend.
I learnt the lessons late in life,in a hard way.
trying to control emotions;but they are overflowing!:)then they take the shape of posts.
When we are angry,count down helps a lot!
Wishing you a beautiful and peaceful weekend,

Amritbir Kaur said...

"Without controlling ourselves, we can never hope to control others" - very true! Indeed, it is no life without control. This does not at all mean that we don't have freedom to live and breathe and essence of life is not. Instead this control will mean that we know how to react, the right quantity of emotion that should be displayed...and many more things. After all, we cannot afford to lose control over the steering wheel while driving!

arvind said...
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