Thursday, November 5, 2009

Celebrate in Style !!

Today is the birthday of a dear friend. This post is dedicated to him.

When I asked him yesterday as to how he is going to celebrate his birthday, he said "My company gives a very expensive cake to all its employees on their birthday. I have told them to send the cake to an orphanage where a girl who shares my birthday lives. I am also planning to give her a few gifts. In addition, I am planning to buy a good self improvement book to read."

I was delighted to hear this. How many of us think of others on our birthday? How many of us think that celebrations can be made more meaningful if shared with others? Here is a living example of a selfless person who takes every opportunity to spread joy around and takes pleasure in that. I am glad I have a friend like that who is so inspiring.

I saw an advertisement recently in which a person reports late to work on his birthday. His boss asks him sarcastically as to what kind of celebrations he was up to. This guy says he had gone to donate blood which he does each year on this date. This is also another beautiful example.

If we tune our minds to it, each day can be an occasion for a celebration. Each day can be spent on helping someone and on making someone smile. Whether it is a birthday, an anniversary, a promotion or some other milestone, let us celebrate it by including people who need it the most.


KParthasarathi said...

Nice post.I am aware of many who on their birthdays contribute one day's expenses or clothes or donation to orphanages or poor homes.Some go to temple and take care of day's expenses.A birthday should serve to be a reminder to spread joy to others.

Anonymous said...

Yes..very true.Life can be made more meaningful when shared with others.. by helping someone and seeing them smile.
When I read this post it reminded me of my uncle who on his 80th birthday instead of going for a grand celebration as suggested by his children decided to celebrate it by doing two selfless was to take up education of a child for life and the other was to donate his eyes after his death..

A lovely post..


manivannan said...

That's really a wonderful way to celebrate life - birthdays included :D

Beautiful post Vish :-)


shri ramesh sadasivam said...

This is true celebration. Hats off to ur friend! Thanks for sharing.

(Could've mentioned his name I think. Just a thought.)

man in painting said...

Nice..Thanks for sharing..

lakshmi said...

a wonderful way to celebrate one's birthday.........
the happiness he must have received is just unmeasurable

Anya said...

to your friend :-)

Avin said...

That was very thoughtful of your friend.I got a reason to celebrate in a couple of days.Your post has reached me just in time.Thanks for sharing and wishing your friend a wonderful birthday :)

Jyotsna P kadayaprath said...

let each day be a new hopes and new challenges..."let's give one of our smiles to a stranger today,may be it's the only sunshine he see in the day"

anupama said...

Dear Vish,
Good Evening!
Belated birthday to the great friend!The name should have been mentioned.
The reader gets real insight about different ways of celebrations which
make a difference in others' lives.
A thoughtful act,a kind heart,a smile,a flower,a gift,a book, a look filled with love,a meal,anything and everything make grand ways of celebrations.:)
And Vish,tell me how can I celebrate my friendship with you?:)
And before i sign off,hearty congrats and A BIG GOD BLESS to the great uncle of Anonymous who sacrificed the celebrations for teh noble cause!MAY HIM LIVE LONG PEACEFULLY!
wishing you a cool night,

cool drizzle said...

That was really inspiring,does gives us a chance to think on our deeds and what small things that we do may create a difference in others...thanks

SUBS said...

Belated greetings to your friend... the world badly needs more such people and celebrations.