Monday, October 7, 2013

Law of Reincarnation

Hinduism believes in reincarnation. It believes that the soul of a person is distinct from the body and the soul moves from one body to another across countless lives. It believes that the soul may move across different geographies and across different species too. Depending on the thoughts, actions and tendencies of an individual, one may evolve into a higher being or go down lower.

This theory may be debated by non-believers or people with scientific mind-set who demand evidence or proof for everything. But the objective of this blog is not to establish whether the theory is correct or not. 

The Theory or Law of reincarnation is very interesting and useful. If all species and creatures are indeed linked in this manner, does it not make it easy to love one another? Will we not think twice before hurting another being who could have been our close relative or friend from some previous birth? Will we not become more compassionate and caring if we believe in reincarnation?

This, perhaps, could be one reason for this theory to have come up. The idea of one world where all souls exist in different bodies but all linked to each other is a very powerful idea indeed. Who can deny that this idea promotes values, ethics, morals among people who accept it?

I believe this one theory is the panacea for the evils and the problems that the world faces today. What do you think?


KParthasarathi said...

Most people ,even Hindus, scoff at the idea of rebirth and law of Karma.As you have said there can be no scientifc proof but faith.
If what animates in all our bodies is the same cosmic soul, where are the difference.The evolved see an Oneness in all.
Thank you,Sir

lakshmi said...

that is an interesting theory

Sonal Raisinghani said...

The whole idea behind the blog is that we should be caring and compassionate for others and should not hurt anyone. These are the values which we should be imbibing.
Although, I agree with your theory of reincarnation; I am a strong believer of the theory that there is one God in each soul. The basic meaning of “Namaste”. Welcome the formless soul in each human being and remember the “Almighty”. You will never hurt anyone.