Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Look inward

Over the years, we have seen a steady deterioration of human values. Propelled by a lack of fear of the law and fear of sin, people tend to break rules and behave with impunity. Thanks to the focus on the negative news by the media, we are exposed to such stories all the time.

When we read about such blatant violations of the law and of brazen display of unethical behaviour, we tend to feel upset and begin to ponder on what can be done to improve the state of affairs. Should we introduce new laws? Should we improve our judiciary system? Should we focus on the policing? Should we enhance our education system and start inculcating moral values at a young age? Should we name and shame the violators?

Many such questions come up and get debated all the time. We start blaming the leaders, the society etc. Sometimes, we are filled with hope and sometimes anguish extinguishes our faith. It truly seems that the onslaught is never ending.

When we think deeply about this we realize that we need not despair. There is hope. We can make a difference by bringing about change. The change that we seek has to be nurtured and groomed within ourselves, as Mahatma Gandhi used to say. If we expect the world to be better, we can start with ourselves first.

The solution to all issues lies within ourselves. We can only control and change ourselves. It is futile and pointless to look elsewhere. The external world will reflect our internal world. By making ourselves more compassionate, more understanding, more selfless, more tolerant and more gentle, we can create a more peaceful world. We have the power and the ability to become more honest, more balanced and simpler.

When we change ourselves, our actions and character begins to multiply. Others get influenced by us. They emulate us. They propagate and spread the word. We attract like minded people towards us. People begin to realize the importance of values.

Remember this. Each one of us can influence the world to change by changing ourselves. We can make a start by looking inwards and discovering what we can do to improve our world.


Rhapsody Phoenix said...

Namaste & Blessings....
very enlightening,
thanks for sharing.


Sonal Raisinghani said...

Be the change you want to see in the world -
Mahatma Gandhi