Friday, January 13, 2012

Be truthful always

All of us are taught this basic value very early in our lives. Our parents and teachers stressed on the need and importance of being truthful. Some of us were even punished for deviating from the path. And, although we know this value well and even preach it to and expect it from others, we sometimes indulge in falsehood. In today’s world, there are very rare people who show a strong commitment to truth. Most of us lie without batting an eyelid.

Why do we lie? If we think deeply the reasons for lying are not many. It is mostly prompted by a sense of selfishness and a desire for obtaining something that we would otherwise lose. Some of the major reasons for us to lie are given below:
a. We lie to cover up our mistakes / failures / dishonesty
b. We lie to mislead others whom we distrust
c. We lie to protect ourselves
d. We lie to realise our desires
e. We lie for fun

Every lie that we utter adds to the negative Karma that we accumulate. Not only will lies boomerang on us but we will need to use more lies to cover previous ones. When we do get caught, as we eventually will, we stand to lose a lot in terms of trust and credibility. On the other hand, we will derive a lot of spiritual strength by resorting to truthfulness. It will form a protective sheath around us. We can overcome fear with truth.

If there is a strong will to be truthful it can easily be achieved. It starts with a deep sense of commitment to living a life of truth. We can overcome the urge to utter falsehood if:
a. We lead an honest and upright life
b. We seek nothing and accept everything
c. We have absolute trust and faith in God

Resolve now to be truthful henceforth!!

Austerity of speech consists of speaking truthfully and beneficially and in avoiding speech that offends
- Bhagavad Gita

Only sacred thoughts can lead to sacred speech. The tongue has been given to man to speak the truth, to be sweet to others, to praise the Divine and enjoy bliss from such sacred speech
– Lord Buddha

Always tell the truth. Then you'll never have to remember what you said the last time.
- Sam Rayburn

It does not require many words to speak the truth.
- Chief Joseph


KParthasarathi said...

You have put in gist why we lie and the importance of truth.
Sometimes we lie to help others too.Where it leads to benefit someone without being unlawful or for social niceties to avoid being blunt, we do indulge in small lies.A lie is a lie big or small.Where we can afford to be silent,it is better.But a truth should not harm an innocent man.Cautious discretion is called for.Any views?

venus66 said...

Very well said sir.
One shall not lie.
One shall speak the truth always.
A very good value for life.
Sometimes the sad thing is when the truth spoken not been appreciated.

Taking this opportunity to wish you and family a wonderful Pongal.
God Bless.

Rakesh Vanamali said...

Brilliant post, as always, Sir. Very pertinent and truly worth learning from.

Sonal Raisinghani said...

Would refer back this post of yours with the post " Appreciate and Encourage Values" wherein you have narrated a story of the little boy who is committed to speak the truth and hence admitted his guilt.. This is the commitment level and faith in God which is required by each individual...
While giving Gita Updesh Lord Shri Krishna says " don't tell truth which is not pleasant, which is harmful to others, similarly do not speak false because it is pleasant"
A lot of faith, hard work and committed efforts of the individual are required to speak truth.