Thursday, June 23, 2011

Living in harmony

A movie I saw recently called the "The boy who wore stripped pyjamas" disturbed me greatly. The movie deals with the subject of Nazi cruelty to Jews seen from the eyes of an innocent 8 year old son of a Nazi commander. It shows how everyone was brainwashed into believing that Jews were oppressive, destructive etc. and also how Jews were not really people but a different kind of creature. People who had difference of opinion were dealt with severely till everyone fell in line with the central thinking.

Even to this day, a similar kind of tragedy, torture and killing is happening. The only difference is that we are now dealing with birds, animals, aquatic creatures etc. In the name of food processing industry huge amount of creatures are killed every day in the most inhuman manner. It is as if the poor animals do not have any right to life or dignity.

Most people who eat meat do not think about the suffering that the animals have to go through in order to become food on their table. The animals are bred and fed in very filthy environments. They are injected with drugs to make them grow abnormally. They are castrated in a brutal manner. Their body parts are chopped while still alive ignoring the pain that they undergo.

Some questions we seriously need to ask ourselves is - Are we really human? If yes, how do we allow / encourage such actions? How do we choose to act ignorant and look the other way when such acts are committed? Do we not care about the pain of the other creatures? How can we think of feeding ourselves by causing so much pain around?

This is not just about our eating habits. I have often seen speeding cars knock down animals on the road and going away without even a backward glance. It is as if the lives of other creatures do not matter. As if it is OK if they are injured, hurt or bleeding. There are very few people who care about the lives of others, especially other creatures.

We should recognise the Lord Almighty in every living being. We should be gentle and kind to all creatures. Even if we cannot go out of the way to feed them and take care of them, the least we can do is to refrain from harming them. Together we can make this world a better place. A place where every creature has a rightful place and role to play. A place where everyone is kind and gentle towards all creatures.

Let’s live in harmony and joy.


KParthasarathi said...

There are two aspects to be kept in mind.
About 90%(?) of human population are non-veg and live on animal food.Animals provide great source of food in an otherwise food shortage world.So animals would continue to be killed to meet this huge demand.
But this does not condone the inhuman way they are butchered.Your post has highlighted the crude manner they are dealt with.I am not aware of any regulations in this regard to abattoirs.But I have seen chicken taken on carts with hundreds stuffed in a wiremeshed box that can suffice only for 50.Bulls flogged to work with froth coming out of their mouths.SPCA is hardly adequate to put an end to the suffering.
A thought provoking article that makes eyes moist.

Vishwanath Seshadri said...

Thanks for your comments, Sir.

Incidentally, the scientific community has realised that meat eating is actually harmful to the world as (a) it takes more resources in form of food grains and water (b) it causes global warming.

This post was not intended to talk against meat eating. But desisting from eating meat will help in multiple ways to prevent cruelty to animals as well as save precious natural resources..

LV said...

Thought provoking and heart touching movie....

When I once wrote about how painful the animals feel when was met with a lot of criticism.

Good day to you

Anonymous said...

Yes lets live in harmony and peace..

I can understand your thought process behind writing this beautiful blog..

Take care and God Bless..

Sonal Raisinghani said...

all living creatures on earth including human beings have been created by God- The Almighty.

Take the story of Noah's Ark....Noah was commanded by God to take with him pair of all kind of animals and creatures and enough food to survive for 40 days..And then there were floods.
The entire narrative only means God had equal concern for all kinds of animals created by him on earth. He did not want any species to be extinct on earth. It is we humans who have higher intellect than other creatures on earth are custodians of Gods creation.
If we look back in history, killing of animals was common with Kings who were considered to be usually Kshatriya's or Vaishya's. They were meat eating communities just like we have non vegetarians today.. So being a veg or non-veg is not an issue here... The issue here is the ruthless slaughtering of animals being done in slaughter houses or on roads in accidents...

A few days back I had seen a very short movie clipping about the process in which chickens are slaughtered at world famous KFC outlets... It was really heartrending... In slaughter houses animals are bred for slaughter, fed for slaughter and then led to slaughter. When we see a human being down with an accident on road, we find a good number of people coming up to help the person... because we feeltheir pain ...why can't we then feel the pain of a similar god's creation when it is we who have inflicted this pain? have we stopped being humans ?
A wonderful post Sir!!!

Being Pramoda... said...

Sensible post fact, very sensible..

And Partha uncle, i dont think its abt veg or non-veg that people eat, but its abt sensibility fo human mind i gues..!!