Monday, April 18, 2011

Awaken your Hanuman

Today is Hanuman Jayanthi. Practically every Indian is familiar with Hanuman - the monkey with supernatural powers who is an eternal devotee of Shri Ram. His contribution to locating Sita and in the war against Ravana is legendary. People love his accomplishments, knowledge and his steadfast devotion. His ability to fly long distances, increase / decrease his body size etc. never ceases to amaze. Scores of people worship Hanuman and seek strength, wisdom, devotion etc. from Him.

There is a Hanuman within each of us. That is our mind. Like a monkey, the mind is restless and ever active. At the same time, our minds have great power. It is magical. We can fly. In an instant we can travel across great lengths. We can defeat powerful armies fighting single-handedly. We can subjugate fierce wild animals. We can sing. We can do almost anything within our minds. In that sense, we are as powerful and endowed as Hanuman.

What we might be lacking is in humility and in our inability to control our egos. This is what we have to learn from Hanuman. Despite our strengths (real or imagined) we should consciously subjugate ourselves before the Almighty and be willing to do His bidding. There should be no sense of "I"ness and all personal needs / desires should be eliminated. An intense devotion to the Lord is all that we should be conscious of.

We can thus awaken the Hanuman within us. That is what we should strive and pray for.


Anya said...

Happy Hanuman Jayanthi
to you and your whole family :-)
Funny with a monkye face :P
I never saw that before hee hee..

Well you are a Hanuman
enjoy today !!!!

KParthasarathi said...

Comparison of our fickle mind with Shri Hanuman was novel and brought out the hidden powers and potential it has.Like Hanuman needs to be told of His prowess, someone meeds to motivate us too to reach our full caoabilities.
Thank you,Sir, for the nice post

Sonal Raisinghani said...

We all know the famous story of Guru Nanank wherein his counting stopped at the word "tera". It has dual meaning - 1) numerical 13 and 2) Oh lord Almightly this is all yours -
Similar to Sant Kabir's doha-'Kabir mera mujh me kuch nahi,
jo kuch hai so tera,
tera tujh ko saump ke ,
kya laage mera'

Such tranquiltiy of thoughts comes with deep association with god which should be the ultimate aim of every human life.

Anonymous said...

Monkey mind - Magical mind !!
Control you mind or it will destroy you. Meditate. Focus.

V Rakesh said...

This is such a wonderfully well written post, something that gives strength and comfort to the reader!

Thanks so much!

some unspoken words said...

haapy belated hanuman jayanti

Being Pramoda... said...

@What we might be lacking is in humility and in our inability to control our egos.

Well, i completely agree..

corey guptil said...

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