Thursday, February 24, 2011

Live light

When we are born, we are born without any baggage. We live at the mercy of others around us. All our needs are taken care of by others. Seeing us so innocent and so light, everyone is attracted towards us. We give nothing to others and yet receive so much love, so much affection, so much care and so much attention. A slightest cry from us would be enough to melt everyone around.

Over the years, as our ego develops, we start accumulating possessions. We start getting attached to things. We start having desires. With desires comes anxieties and worries. The more we get, the more we expect. When expectations are not fulfilled, we become angry or disappointed. It is clear that our accumulation habit leads us to many negative situations.

The more baggage we carry, the more tiresome our journey becomes. If you want to enjoy the journey, travel light. Shed your ego. Shed your desires. Shed your possessions. Shed your attachments. Enjoy every moment in the blissful light feeling.

Live right. Live light.


Anonymous said...

Very true..Live life to the fullest and enjoy every moment of life.We must eliminate the needless wants of life,be content with what we have and rejoice in the way things are..
"Live Simply that others might Simply live"


V Rakesh said...

Wonderful post, as always! One hopes that we evolve to a state of being that is of such a nature!

Sonal Raisinghani said...

Have you come across anyone saying the new born is obese?
But as the child grows some of them turn out to be obese...reason for the same could be different....But its a known fact that with obesity things become difficult, different diseases creep in and then those tough exercises / medicines to maintain health...
Similarily , when we are children we are light... but as we grow older we become kind of obese in thinking... If medication is not received on time.../ If you don't control your instincts....Obesity in thoughts would develop and would make survival difficult..
Hence live light live right.