Friday, October 29, 2010

Give to get

A long time ago, when the barter system was prevalent, there was a trade agreement between two persons. One was a dairy farmer and the other had an orchard of apples. They agreed that every week they will exchange five liters of milk with one kilogram of apples. This went on smoothly for a few months.

One day the dairy farmer went to the king with a dispute. He said "I have been noticing that I am getting less than a kilo of apple each week. My trade partner is cheating me by giving me less than what was contracted for." The king sent for the other guy and asked him for his version.

The orchard owner said " I have been noticing a steady dilution in the quality of the milk that is being supplied to me. What used to be thick and creamy is now thin and watery. As I am getting less, I am supplying less."

This situation is not unusual. Times have changed and we now have the monetary system but people's mindsets are still the same. We all want a good bargain. We want to pay less and get more. "Value for money" is how we describe this expectation.

If everyone wants to get and none wants to give, how will trade happen? The same applies to relationships also. Unless we give, we should not expect to get anything. The more we give, the more we love, the better will our relationships be. Without giving, the relationship becomes bitter.

There is also a joy in giving without expectations. People who are generous realise that giving is indeed more joyful than getting. There is an indescribable pleasure in making others happy. When we give selflessly and unconditionally, we are creating positive circles of joy which makes the world a better place to live.


Subs said...

cheating in business started long time ago...! Or is it greed ?
I agree with your thought - the more we give sincerely, the better it is!
If intention is pure, we will get more, to give more !

Jatin said...


Really nice thought. Very True.


V Rakesh said...

I wish we had regard for one another in every spectrum of what we do and what we intend to!

Sonal Raisinghani said...

Dear Sir,
Two points to ponder here
1) Giving in hope of getting something... Barter system
2) Giving without expectations

Though the second kind of persons are very few but the joy of giving without expectations is high...
For if you have expectations and they are not met, bitterness, cheating and all those negative ideas come in human mind..

Anonymous said...

Some people give time,some money,some their skills,some their life....but everyone has something to give..Don't be afraid of giving but give it selflessly and unconditionally..

"Whatever you give to life,it gives you back.."