Saturday, September 11, 2010

You are your best friend

Are you someone who loves the company of friends and hate being alone? Well, then you are not the only one. I can very well relate to you. Many years ago,I found myself in a foreign country on work and spent almost 18 months away from family and friends. At that time, I had felt overwhelmed by the sense of loneliness. So desperate had I become that I quit my job before the contract expired and returned back home!

There are zillions of people who crave to have someone around them and feel lost when they are all by themselves. Such people feel comforted by the presence of others near them and have the overpowering need to reach out and communicate. It is not just about talking with or hearing others but also about feeling secure and nice with the mere presence.

It is but natural that when there are two people there are many shared moments of togetherness and happiness. There are also moments of disagreements and disappointments. Two people can have two or more views on any subject leading to debates and sometimes arguments which can sometimes lead to anger or frustration.

If there is anyone who is always near you and with you, it is you yourself. You are your best friend who is never apart - even for a moment. You know yourself better than anyone else. You accept yourself as you are without any complaints or concerns. You know everything that you think and you are in total agreement with your thoughts. You seldom argue with yourself. You empathise with yourself more than anyone else. Hardly anyone can love you or care for you as much as you do.

Despite this, why do we shy away from our own company? Why do we feel uncomfortable with ourselves?


Latha Nair said...

Totally agree with this.
This is my outlook to life too.
Its good that we are surrounded by loved ones. If we can accept and come to terms with the situation when they aren't with us, that would be true peace!

Vivek said...

Sir your thoughts are jewells..

I think both are important and sometimes we like our own company rather than company of any body else. Both are equally special and enjoyable..

Sonal Raisinghani said...

I agree with your thoughts that we should not shy away from our own company and that we should be comfortable when left by ourselves. Infact this is the best time which you should use to explore your own self. Do what pleases you and enjoy …
It also means that you have a sense of balance in your life between being with others and being alone.
But Man by nature is a social animal. We need to have friends too. If left by ourselves without any company of our true and reliable friends and relatives we might get in mental and emotional distress.
Blood relatives come to you naturally but true and reliable friends are the ones you choose. It helps us form and maintain relationships that are not forced on us.
It is often friendship which helps us think and feel for someone other than ourselves. We tend to be selfish beings. Friends help us focus outward instead of inward. When we have friends we have huge support system, which at times is as important as oxygen .

V Rakesh said...

I completely agree with your thoughts Sir. One needs to find solace and companionship within, not often looking for that outside of the self and needlessly succumbing to the woes of expectation and desire!

Wonderful post!

manivannan said...

It's 'cause we don't relate with the Friend, who resides within ourselves, Actually, I never feel lonely and I always wonder when god is with us how can ever anyone feel lonely?

Great post Vish, as always. :-)

anupama said...

Dear Vish,
Good Evening!
After a long break,I have reached you;not in search of company;as today I prefer to be with myself.:)
I liked the post.It is better to turn to nature when we are alone;I do that.The blooming buds,the buuterflies,the calm waves,the gentle breeze,the birds and animals enjoy our prsence and they help us to be humble and feel great.
Books can be best friends.

But we can't live in a bubble of illusion.Mixing and mingling with fellow beings make life beautiful.
Be a friend to win a friend.And learn to be the friend in need to others.
So,yaar,are you my friend?
Wishing you a beautiful night,