Friday, July 2, 2010

Universal love without attachments

Universal love is prevalent when one loves everything in the universe. One is filled with a deep sense of affection for everyone and everything. One forgets differences and sees / recognises the same Almighty creator everywhere. The feeling of love is so strong that one wants to sacrifice everything to spread happiness all around. One is seeking nothing for oneself and is completely selfless.

For such a person, there is no enemy and there is no competitor. There is no one to feel afraid of or threatened by. There is no apprehension nor any anticipation. Whether it is another individual or another being, the feeling of love is just the same. Only such a person has true wisdom and knowledge who sees uniformity in diversity.

Yes this mood or this frame of mind can be created by each one of us. It is not impractical or unrealistic. So many holy souls have demonstrated that this is possible. Divine souls like Sai Baba of Shiridi and Jesus Christ have retained this frame of mind even in the most trying of circumstances.

If we look at nature, we find that she is full of love and giving. The sun gives abundant sunshine without making any distinctions, the winds serve to cool things when its gets hot, the earth bears huge amounts of stress without complaints, the trees give shade, fruits, wood etc. Everything in nature is designed to love and sacrifice.

Yet when one loves, one should love without a sense of attachment. Any feelings of attachment ends us diluting love and starts creating expectations. One can be dispassionate only when the sense of attachment is removed. When we love with attachment, we are giving conditional love. Attachment is in reality a manifestation of our ego. With attachment comes disappointment, anger, frustration etc.

People with such a state of mind are rare indeed. They immediately attract the attention of followers and devotees. Even though they desire nothing for themselves, others respond to them with the same intensity of love. Even animals, birds and aquatic creatures approach them without fear or any other negative emotions. Such people have only friends and dear ones wherever they go.

Even though this seems like an impossibility, one should strive to attain this mindset. One can start in a small way with immediate family and neighbours and then slowly extend this to others. Initially there will be hiccups and obstacles, but if one is enlightened & determined and is able to course correct, over a period of time one can, if one so desires, reach this state of bliss and never ending happiness.


arvind said...

after a long time..

well.. the post is very nice..

but no competitior or enemey?
me feel - jesus christ and his follwers still have a section of our universe against them..

me read:
we all are born with clean slate of mind.. and our ego.. yes our ego - which we created while growing, alone made us to survive in our earlier years.. diluting that within us - might be - SPRITUAL..

me heard: the ego we are talking is the coLlection of various ideas, information within us.. given by our parents, our friends, neighbours, our schools and they are all our sentiments.. just 1/10 of our brain!

a love could dilute our ego within us.. some may sau prayer, some other say dhyana.. but - love is a throbing feel and would shake us from our roots..

feel me wrote too much..
me may wrong?
and my name is not ARAVINDANDA!

Lauren Sheil said...

God IS Love - I was taught at a young age. In order to truely understand and function in that world view however it is more than just expressing love without attachments as you state. It also requires obedience to a higher power.

"The man who says, "I know him," but does not do what he commands is a liar, and the truth is not in him. But if anyone obeys his word, God's love is truly made complete in him. This is how we know we are in him: Whoever claims to live in him must walk as Jesus did." 1 John2:4-6

Sonal Raisinghani said...

Detaching oneself from all these common human qualities needs strong faith in god, determination and dilution of ones ego status... very difficult to achieve...
But yes with this we can try to give it a start.

V Rakesh said...

Wonderful message Sir, as always!

Speaking for myself I've realized how peaceful I am when I willfully abstain from letting the mind hanker over the so many things that I want to make life better, in the perception that my life would be better on obtaining them!

Anonymous said...

A lovely post..
We confuse love with attachment.Attachment is concerned with my needs,my happiness,while love is an unselfish attitude concerned with the needs and happiness of others..

When we love unconditionally we are simply following our heart and freeing ourselves from invisible chains of attachment..

Life is a journey for us to discover more and more of who we are,correct ourselves,slowly evolve and learn to love unconditionally..