Monday, May 3, 2010

Effort Or Destiny

Does man enjoy success through efforts or is it based on fate / destiny? This is one question that has been debated throughout the world endlessly from time immemorial without reaching any definite conclusions.

There are a set of people who swear by effort and action orientation. The firmly believe that our destiny is in our hands and it is we who can make things happen by having a firm resolve and by taking affirmative actions. They believe in taking charge, planning well and executing right. They feel people who talk about destiny are either cowards or lazy people.

On the other hand, there are people whose experience tells them that there is a larger power which controls things and that things do not always happen the way they are intended to. How else can one explain luck? Or love? Or unplanned events like accidents? There are many people who aspire and study for one profession (like me) and end up in professions very different.

One cannot deny that there is a larger power which makes things happen in ways which are unpredictable. "Man proposes, God disposes" goes an old saying. No wonder then many people use prayer as a method of connecting to and appease that higher power. Yet, it does not seem right to become complacent and give up all efforts and leave things to destiny.

Both the person who swears by effort and the person who leaves things to destiny are subject to disappointments. Sometimes, sincere and focused efforts end up in failures due to extraneous and uncontrollable factors. Similarly, sometimes prayers go unanswered and lead to frustrations. Efforts are necessary to make the world function. If everyone was to leave things to destiny, there would be no bread on the table and no clothes to wear.

Perhaps the right approach would be continue making plans and taking efforts tirelessly while being prepared for unexpected results. This is what Lord Krishna preached in Bhagvad Gita when he said "Do you Duty without getting attached to the results".

What do you think?


V Rakesh said...

Vish Sir, I have mixed opinions here; while I am a firm believer in effort, I cannot also rule out the effects of destiny in one's life......!

Very well written, as always!

Anonymous said...

A wonderful post..
I believe in destiny.We have no control over fate or luck but one can play a role in influencing one's fate or destiny..
It is like you are given a set of cards,that is your destiny.The choices that we make and the efforts that we take to play them is our role in our destiny.

'Apna kaam karte raho..phal ki kaamna na karo'


Anonymous said...

Dear Sir,

As stated right approach would be continue making plans and taking efforts tirelessly. Have firm resolve, take affirmative actions while aspiring to achieve results.One can also be confident of achieving results. But of course be prepared for unexpected results. Do your duty without getting attached to the results.

Because what I believe is getting the fruits of your actions depends on your karma (present or past) Hence leave upto the Almighty. If He has sent you in this world He has definately decided your role in this world and alongwith the fruits for your karmas things will happen as per the role He has decided for us.

Rightly said in that movie Anand of Amitabh Bachhan " Zindagi aur maut uparwale ke haath mein hai jahanpanah, hamm sab to rangmanch ki katputliyan hai . Kab Kahan kya hoga yeh koi nahi bata sakta."

There could be moments of frustration when results are not achieved as per our expectations but here again in a way we are getting attached to the results. Why do we forget.. this is my role in this organisation of the Lord i.e world. And this was the best that could have happened to me as per the role Lord - the Almighty has decided for me.

Even in our jobs we have to do what we are expected to do not what we want to do. Results in the form of Performance ratings and performance linked bonus come as per the expectations of the organisation.

Finally to conclude its just efforts and results due to our own karmas which the lord feels is best for us befitting our role in his organisation.


Sonal Raisinghani

arvind said...

if the god give us life -
then the depth to live -
is with in our hand only..

if u go so deep - then the path is stuggling - but it is an adventure.. there may always misluck.. but the thrill is enough.. nothing more needed..

nice post..

anupama said...

Dear Vish,
Good Morning from Thrissur.
We must work hard and we must remember that an action has equal and opposite reaction!
Destiny is often cruel!But then many questions that we face in life don't have answers!
We must live and le others live!So, simple as that!
Wishing you a wonderful weekend,

Amritbir Kaur said...

What you wrote was absolutely right..but do you think that such detachment is possible?? Even if we think that we are not going to expect something, we still have some hope in some corner of our heart that things might turn out the way I want them to be.
But we end up being disappointed once again. Dreams die everyday. The only solution would have been not to indulge in day-dreaming. But then life would be so dull without them. And how do we control our heart from desiring something!!!
Thanks for sharing such thought provoking post. I had to control my overflow here...or my comment would have been longer than your post :)

Anonymous said...

I just had an argument with my wife last nite about the same thing... I would say everything depends on DESTINY... Even our actions and thinking process changes as per Destiny. If something has to come in our life at particular time, then automatically we start working towards unconsciously. These doesn’t mean than why do we work much ahead of time when destiny will give us at its own time. I will say on this that Your Efforts at this time is not giving results at this time is itself indication that Failure is there in your destiny. If success is there In your destiny, you will no matter what keep on trying else you will give up in very first failure. Why do we call “ VINASH KALAY VIPARIT BHUDDI”. Do we know that some disaster is coming our way and that’s the reason we are behaving in a said manner. We do it unconsciously and that takes us our end. All our actions and Thinking patterns are controlled by stars.