Sunday, March 28, 2010

Signs of true knowledge

What construes true knowledge? Whom can we call as truly wise?

Is this represented by a string of degrees from reputed colleges and institutions? Or does it reflect on people having depth of specialisation on specific subjects without necessarily having a formal qualification? Better still, do we find it in people who have reached the pinnacle of their respective careers?

Then, there are people who are often recognised for their talents and feted for the same. We also have many guys who have up-to-date information on their finger tips and are consulted widely. There are also some deep thinkers and philosophers who could be considered for this.

The moot question to address is - what is knowledge? Awareness of information or statistics cannot be called as true knowledge however important or vital they may be. True knowledge is beyond all this. It is not based on the respect some people command due to their skills, talents or position. True knowledge is indeed reflected only by the way people behave. After all, knowledge has to get translated into ones character.

A person who is truly knowledgeable will realise that we are all made up of the same elements and a soul and are essentially the same. Differences which are perceived are only a result of our minds working with a delusion. Such a person realises the transient nature of life and is not fiercely competing for personal growth.

Such a person will act and behave very differently. She will have only unconditional love for everyone around. She will be compassionate, kind and helpful. She will be extraordinarily generous and extremely humble. She will be equipoised and calm. She will smile often and have enormous and complete faith in the Lord Almighty.

A truly wise person lives an uncompromising life of values.


Anya said...

Anger and humor
are like the left and right arm !!
They complement each other.
Anger empowers the poor to declare their uncompromising opposition to oppression, and humor prevents them from being consumed by their fury ;)


KParthasarathi said...

I read that 'many are praised for having much knowledge when in reality a large percentage of what is in their brain is not true.'
'There is a knowing that comes with the Spirit'
I liked this post immensely

Latha Nair said...

Ever since I read your earlier blog post Ive been looking out for more. This one is simple, lucid, to the point and more importantly, stays with you for a long time. Especially loved the conscious usage of SHE in place of the usual HE. Already waiting for your next one.:)

Being Pramoda... said...

Hi Vish,

nice to read that. thats soo true. Knowledge is all about undertsanding the life, and undersanding the fact that we are all one, and the difference lies in what we think. well said.

may i know why you have addressed the generic person as SHE in ur last paragraph?


vivek said...

Completely agreed Sir.. knowledge is completely waste if it is not reflected in once behaviour..
I believe that word 'she' is being used by you because she has more knowledge then 'he' in your terms.
But you can only give the answer Sir.

Anonymous said...

What we actually learn from any given set of circumstances and how we implement it in our daily lives is the true test of our knowledge.

Knowledge is of no use unless we put it to practice..


Vishwanath Seshadri said...

Thanks for your comments ladies and gentlemen.

Vivek, the reasons for using "She" is not to show any superiority of any gender over the other. For too long, the world has used "He" to describe people as a generic term. Now, people have started becoming more conscious of this inequity and are trying to make amends by consciously using "She".

Hope this clarifies.

Cyrus Rumi said...

Knowledge requires esoteric wisdom to guide it across to the shores of nirvana...A great post, brother!!!:)