Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Eco-friendly living

The hot topic which causes concerns across the world today is not terrorism but global warming. Terrorism is a pain but the impact of global warming will be devastating. Glaciers will melt, sea levels will rise, weather will become more unpredictable, alternating flood and drought conditions will make life miserable, food shortages will be rampant etc. Life in this lovely planet will no longer be the same unless we take immediate steps.

The sense of urgency is felt across nations as people are seeing the direct impact of global warming. Various nations are discussing the steps to be taken and there is negotiation on who is responsible and who will sacrifice how much.

A few days ago I met a man named Venkatachalam who lives near my home. He shocked me by saying that he does not use any appliances at home. He has no refrigerator, washing machine, microwave oven, mixer / grinder, air conditioner etc. Since he is quite well off, I wanted to know the reason for this frugal lifestyle. He said that he is doing his bit to reduce global warming. I was truly impressed.

Global warming has been caused by each one of us by living lives which are not eco-friendly. If we take stock of what all we do during our typical days, we will realise that there are many things we do which have an adverse impact on the environment. Whether it is using of harmful chemicals in our soap or toothpaste, whether it is in the use of mobile phones which emit harmful radiation, whether it is in the wasteful consumption of electricity - there are many different innovative methods available to harm the environment. We mistakenly think science and technology have made the quality of our lives better and more enriched. If we think deeply, we realise that technology has introduced convenience to us which comes at great cost.

The responsibility of reducing global warming is with each one of us. We have to take stock of our lives like my friend Venkatachalam and make necessary changes and sacrifices for the common good. Every effort is useful and one should not wait for others to do the needful. I am reminded of a story from the Ramayana about a squirrel which contributed its mite to the construction of a bridge across the ocean. The mighty monkey army of Lord Rama was carrying large boulders and dumping them on the ocean. The tiny squirrel was wetting its body, rolling in the sand and then running to the bridge and shaking its body thereby dropping the sand on the bridge. Even Lord Rama was touched by its act.

It is time for us to do our bit by changing our lifestyle. Let us make a pledge today that we will give up habits and practices which are not eco-friendly. It could be as simple as not using plastic bags or turning the tap off when brushing your teeth. We will also cultivate habits and do acts that have a positive impact. Not only will we make changes in our lives but also encourage others around to do the same.

If you agree, please write in your comments to this blog as to what specifically you want to do in your life towards the aim of eco-friendly living.


lakshmi said...

yes indeed everything is within ourselves........self realisation and acting on that helps a lot
hmm.. lets start with .. not using plastic bags...

great post Vish

Anya said...

Yes Vish
its the truth !!!
I think we are all not so
eco-friendly but we all do our best

shri ramesh sadasivam said...

It is true. But it is difficult for many. Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. If we understand this we can certainly improvise.

Vijay V said...

Hats off to your friend Mr.Venkatachalam. The world needs more Venkatachalam. Today we have many people to talk about Global warming and the impact of climate change etc but by end of the day, they themselves won't be able to justify what small commitment they have to tackle this issue.
Some long back, i got my inspiration from an aged person who is residing in a remote village near Sathyamangalam, Erode District, Tamilnadu. He is 70 years old and he single handedly planted 3000 trees and created a green revolution in his village. The poor man who lives in a small hut and struggles hard for his daily survival has created such a revolution in his village. He started this noble cause some 20 years back. Now he made his village a paradise for the people, birds etc. When people asked him what makes him to do this. He told that HE NEED TO LEAVE A MARK IN THIS WORLD BEFORE HE DIE AND HE NEED TO GIVE BACK THIS WORLD SOMETHING WHICH MY FUTURE GENERATION CAN BENEFIT FROM THAT.
I learnt my life message from him and I planted 2 trees and I am taking care of the same. Also, I decided to use only public transportation for my daily routine life to reduce the carbon emission. These are the simple effort I took in saving my earth. Also, I am eagerly looking forward to work with some likeminded people in the weekends to create an awareness and change in this world (particularly in rural and semi urban segment) about poverty eradication, importance of child education and impact of climatic change.

Anonymous said...

A very valuable post..

We can protect nature and also protect ourselves from any kind of disaster by planting more and more trees and also encouraging others to do so.

We can change our lifestyle by using natural activities and avoid using artificial ones.Whereever possible we could do with less driving which means fewer emissions, besides saving fuel.Moreover walking and biking are good alternatives and a great form of exercise..Also we could use carpooling to work or school..


Being Pramoda... said...

hi Vish.. reading u after many days..sorry to have missed out some..

yeah..eco frndly living is soo required to save our future generations from being effected by the catastropes..

as lakshmi said..plastic bags shall be stopped using.. for a smaller distances prefer walking, so such things can be done..:)

thanks for the post..

Cyrus Rumi said...

A very thought provoking post...your friend is a true eco-warrior...a true model for those embarking upon this path of change and hope...

Have a great weekend, brother!:)



Rhapsody B. said...


Very enlightening post.

Ameya said...

very true.
I guess it better late than never that we start realising the fact that if we dont act fast the nature will take its own course and bring about the balance
Am reminded of a movie "Day after tomorrow"which very rightly and aptly described the effects of global warming and its consequences.
We all must strive to Make Mother Earth a better place to live.

Avin said...

They say science is one step forward and two steps backward and now the world has gone on to prove it.
The energy consumption per capita has to be significantly brought down.Hiring an auto or a call taxi for only one person to commute could be done without and more sensible means like public transport could be preferred making some compromises with the comfort.I have given up the vehicle i used to commute between my workplace and living place and using the public transport these days.
There's a huge difference between using energy and consuming energy. The educated has to understand and practice it before it could be taken to less privileged.

Subs said...

Inspiring... the responsibility for a better environment starts with ourselves, ME. I have been trying to do it myself. Couple of things ( as sought by you in your post)
1. Frugal living
2. avoid wastage - food, water, electricity, paper ( I try to ensure this at home and office)
3. Minimise use of vehicle - walk where possible
4. Avoid all types of plastic, maximise recycle
Be spiritually conscious