Sunday, October 18, 2009

The 'needs' test

The whole universe and everything that exists is God's creation. He has made sure that every creature he has created is well provided for. Every insect, bird, animal, fish etc. has a space to live and food to survive. It is truly a magnificent creation wherein each of the millions of species is programmed to survive and flourish.

If we see most creatures, they only consume what they need. Even if they store or accumulate, like bees or ants do, it is only for the sake of their consumption during the lean season when food supply is limited. They never seek or crave for anything beyond what is necessary for survival.

If we look at human, we have a difference of approach. After the basic needs of man is taken care, the needs of the ego arise. So, we seek larger homes in better locations and multiple homes too. We buy clothing that we may not wear too often and remains in the confines of our wardrobes. There is virtually no end to the "needs" of our ego. Is it need or greed?

It is our greed that results in unnecessary destruction to our habitat and our world. In the name of progression man has ignored other creatures and progressively encroached on their lives. It is time we reverse this trend.

One simple way would be to take the 'needs' test every time we feel compelled to buy something. Do I really need it? Can I manage without it? Can I make do with what I already have? These are the kind of questions to ask ourselves. If we can make this one change, we can make a significant positive impact. And the 'needs' test can be applied in many other areas too. Let's simplify our lives this way.

Even if we can "afford" something, we should not procure it unless we really need it. If indeed we have surplus resources at our disposal, we can use it to fulfil the genuine needs of people who do not have the means to satisfy it. Here too, the 'needs' test would be relevant. Charity done without doing the needs test may turn out to be a wasted effort.

If we thus make sincere efforts to use the available resources in this world to satisfy the needs of its creatures, we will end up making this a much brighter and happier world.

Lets spread joy around us. It will surely end up making our lives more joyful..


KParthasarathi said...

I liked this post for the message it contains

Amritbir Kaur said...

A very powerful message contained in the last line, "Lets spread joy around us. It will surely end up making our lives more joyful.."
Indeed, life is an echo - we get back what we give to the world.
Thanks for sharing such an inspiring post.

Rakesh Vanamali said...

As you rightly said, only man has an exaggerated need, one that surely amounts to greed!

Anonymous said...

A very nice post..We tend to forget that happiness comes from recognizing and appreciating what we have rather than running after something that we don't have.
Indeed we can reduce the complexities of life by eliminating the needless wants of life..


Being Pramoda... said...

hi vish,

good one agian.and the message was soo interesting and inspiring..

lets spread the love...

anupama said...

Dear Vish,
Good evening!
Life teaches us to take the needs' test,
And i have taken many.
The luxuries were needs once upon a time,
Now even needs i don't bother,
Only time,vish,real life experiences,
Add or make you lose the charm in shopping,
Thanks a lot vish,for the beautiful pictures,
Mother Teresa is one of my role models,
Her kindness n love towards the underprivileged,
Her dedication n devotion in self service,
Lamas' lives prove the service to the downtrodden,
And vish,do write often the posts on values,
As your posts have become the need of the hour!:)
Dreaming n helping others to dream,
wishing you a sound n peaceful night,
Promising you i will be taking ,
The needs' test very often,
signing off now to come back again.:)

Nilesh Kanaiyalal Joshi said...

Indeed. I fully agree with your views. In fact lately I'm trying my best to do this (let me accept that I'm not fully successful - but I'm sure very soon I'll do it).

Let me share my dreams through your blog (Because it said that If you will spread good thoughts it is likely to be realised sooner then your expectations). I intend to make One of the Best Education Institute (for all subjects - Free for all); Best Dairy Project (It will dual thinking - helping economy & also real help to animals - Cow & Other); Best Sports Complex (Free for all - With best coaching facilities - like Olympic / Asiad / Commonwealth Games).

Once I heard from one of the "Sant Charit Purush", he said that one of his follower took him forcefully to one of the best Super store and asked him to purchase some thing. That saint was so happy after visiting that I can survive without so many things in this world and happy about it.

During College (B.Com. - if I'm not mistaking) there was a Gandhian Economy - as per that Gandhiji used to suggest one of the point to reduce poverty, inequality of income and reach best demand vis-a-vis supply is to work on "CONTAINMENT OF WANTS".

All above things shared with you (for 2 reason) : (1) Readers in this blog are the group, who all are working towards making this world better (it's already better) then what it is now. (2) I take inspiration from your blogs, views and ideas (like in past..since worked under you).

With best regards,

Subs said...

“Earth provides enough to satisfy every man's need, but not every man's greed” Gandhiji

shri ramesh sadasivam said...

Very true Vish. Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. Less possessions, less burdens. Thanks for sharing!