Sunday, September 21, 2008

Love all, Covet none !!

Everyone is made up of the same elements, the same desires, the same mindset and the same kind of thinking. Each of us is in the same path seeking happiness for ourselves and our loved ones. The world will be a great place of each of us love one another and help each other to achieve our respective desires.

If we have an "abundance mindset" where we realise that the world has much more to offer than what any of us could really need, we will get less competitive and more collaborative. In contrast, if we have a "scarcity mindset", we will end up fighting for everything and leading unhappy lives.

Life can be so beautiful and so meaningful if we love one another. And if we see God's creation in everything around us. We can marvel at God's creativity when we look at and perceive everything and everyone. Even negative thngs can be looked at in this way and it will cease to hurt us as much as it did otherwise..

But loving everyone should not lead us to covetousness. Desiring something is a selfish act and loving everyone is a selfless act. Selfishness is a sure path to pain, while selflessness is a clear direction towards realising our full potential and creating a wonderful planet.

So, love all and covet none !!

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Sonal Raisinghani said...

This reminded me of what my father used to teach me when I was a child- "LOVE BEGETS LOVE"